Community Relations

as of March 2018

Approximately 2,400 students attend courses at TUJ in Minato City. TUJ pursues various community-oriented activities with the overall goal of deepening exchanges between our students and staff and the people of the area. A major focus of these activities is the agreement on joint activities we concluded with Minato City in 2006.

Below are the main activities this agreement covers. As a university with students, faculty and staff from all over the world and as a specialist in English-language instruction, TUJ's activities in this area are unique in their context and scope.

Sharing Different Cultures

TUJ sends foreign students and staff to schools in Minato to introduce their cultures to the schoolchildren. In addition to helping with classes, these students and staff spark interest in their native countries by wearing ethnic dress and using maps and pictures to bring their cultures to life in English and in Japanese. The countries we have introduced so far include Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, China, India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Nepal, South Korea, Philippine, Senegal, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia, Tahiti,Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Jamaica .

Assisting the Foreign Community

Minato has a very high percentage of foreign residents, many of them children. TUJ students with the same mother tongue provide elementary and junior high school students, whose first language is not Japanese, with support and guidance in Japanese language learning and life adjustment. So far, for example, we have offered guidance to students who speak languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Thai, Persian and Bengali. TUJ students guide children affectionately with their own experience when they came to Japan.

Supporting English Education

TUJ offers short programs for elementary and junior high school students and for their Minato teachers in summer. The student program is for students to learn English in an English-only class setting. The teacher program is for teachers to learn about English language teaching methods and experience a higher education environment from the student's point of view.

Providing Adult Education

We have been holding lectures in English at the TUJ campus for the Minato Citizen's University since 2007, which is part of Minato City’s adult education program. The lecture series on contemporary Japan is taught by TUJ's faculty members as well as the Dean and its rich contents are enjoyed by many participants from inside and outside of Minato.

Opening the TUJ Library

The TUJ library, which focuses on English-language publications, holds over 60,000 books and more than 3,300 DVD titles. TUJ has opened the collection to teachers at Minato elementary and junior high schools, as well as to Minato residents through local libraries.

TUJ students, faculty and staff have also participated in the following activities in Minato:

  • At "Minato Citizen's Festival" in October, many TUJ students, teachers and staff work as volunteers at various locations and enjoy exchanges with visitors. In addition, TUJ art students exhibit a booth for children to play Origami and ringtoss.
  • TUJ student volunteers assist at English Programs held for younger children at the community spaces Konan Civic Center.
  • In addition, TUJ students enjoyed carrying a portable shrine at a neighborhood association festival, playing baseball with the people of the area and so on. Those experiences will be their precious memories in Japan.

Note: Over the past 22 years TUJ has developed its Community Relations in Minato City. When TUJ moves in 2019 it will maintain its commitment to Community Relations at our new location in Setagaya City.