TUJ requires that students hold a diploma from an accredited high school with the following distribution of courses.

Students are required to have earned a minimum of 16 units in academic subjects from the Subject Area array below. Those who lack some of the required high school credits may be admitted on an exception basis.

Subject Area Units
English 4
Mathematics (College Preparatory) 3-4
Foreign Language (Same Language or Culture) 2-3
History or Social Studies 3
Laboratory Science 2-3
The Arts 1
Other (Elective) Courses 5
Total 20-23

Note: Please note that TUJ urges students to take additional high school credits in mathematics and a foreign language. This is especially important for those who plan to major in mathematics, science, engineering or language.

No student shall be matriculated into TUJ as a freshman with a cumulative high school GPA of less than 2.0 (of 4.0) in all courses. A 2.0 average is the equivalent of a C average in most letter-grading systems.

Students with non-Japanese / non-American secondary school qualifications should consult with TUJ Admissions.

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