FAQ for Placement Assessments

General Questions

What subjects are available for Online Placement Assessment?

Online Placement Assessments are available for English and Math for TUJ students. If you plan to take courses in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, you will be required to take an in-house assessment at TUJ during new student orientation.

How do I know which Placement Assesssment I should take?

To determine which Placement Assessment you are required to take (English, Math), visit your Next Steps channel located within TUportal. You should also check the Placement Assessment Information (PDF: 133KB).

You should be taking Placement Assessment based on the major you plan to pursue at TUJ, REGARDLESS of the major you wrote down on the university application.

How can I prepare for the Placement Assessments?

The Placement Assessment page has more information about the Math and English Placement Assessments, including descriptions of the assessments, time limits, how to prepare, what to review and expect, and sample assessments.

Also, after completing the initial Math Placement Assessment, you will have access to ALEKS Learning Modules. The modules are a great way to help you refresh your math skills and are required should you decide to retake the Math Placement Assessment. This website does not contain the link to the actual placement assessments. The link to the assessments is available in the Next Steps channel of your TUportal.

When can I complete my Placement Assessments?

The Online Placement Assessment system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In general the system will be open during the following period:

  • For incoming students starting in the Fall Semester: May through early-mid August
  • For incoming students starting in the Spring Semester: November through early January
  • For incoming students starting in the Summer semester: March through late April

We strongly recommend you complete the Placement Assessments as soon as possible and prior to new student orientation in order to have enough time to retest, when necessary.

Can I fail the Placement Assessments?

No, students will not fail Placement Assessments but doing well may reduce the number of courses needed for your degree. The results of the Online Placement Assessments will be used to place you at the appropriate subject level for English and Math.

When do I receive my results?

Math placement results are available immediately through ALEKS and posted to your Placement Results channel in TUportal within 2-3 business days after completion. English results are posted to your Placement Results channel approximately one week after taking the assessment.

How do I request accommodations for Placement Assessments?

If you require accommodations for Placement Assessments, please read the Disability Resources and Services website and follow the instructions for receiving accommodations PRIOR TO completing your placement assessment.

Who should I contact if I have trouble activating my TUportal account?

Please contact TUJ’s Information Technology Services at tujhelp@tuj.temple.edu.

If based in North America, you may wish to contact Information Technology Services at Temple's Main Campus at help@temple.edu.

Who should I contact if I have a question about Placement Assessment?

Please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) at placements@temple.edu.

English Assessment

What topics will I write about?

Students are always given two different essay topics, and you will be required to choose one to write about. One of these topics is US focused, and the other is non-US focused.

I have submitted SAT/ACT/AP scores to TUJ. Do I still have to take the English Placement Assessment?

Some incoming students may be placed using SAT/ACT/AP scores provided to TUJ. Students with scores eligible for automatic course placement will not be required to complete an English Placement Assessment. You can confirm your automatic placement on Placement Results channel on TUportal.

I have TOEFL/IELTS scores. Can I be eligible for automatic placement?

No, you cannot receive automatic placement by TOEFL/IELTS scores. If you do not have a transfer course equivalent to English 0802, you will have to take the English Placement Assessment.

I have a transfer course equivalent to Temple’s English 0802. Do I still have to take English Placement Assessment?

No, if you have a transfer course equivalent with English 0802, you are automatically exempted from this course. You can confirm your exemption from the English Placement Assessment by reviewing your Transfer Credit Evaluation.

I took a college composition course at my previous school but did not receive English 0802 equivalent. Do I still have to take English Placement Assessment?

Yes, while you may request a syllabus evaluation upon your arrival on campus, we HIGHLY recommend that you take English Placement Assessment in advance unless your composition course was given equivalency to English 0802 by the TUJ Admissions Office. The assessment will enable you and your advisor to determine which English course you should register for in a timely manner, even if your transfer course does not become equivalent to English 0802 until after syllabus evaluation.

In order to request a syllabus evaluation, please submit the syllabus to the Academic Advising Center during the new student orientation. Please note that granting English 0802 equivalency is not guaranteed under any circumstances.

Can I retake English Placement Assessment?

Yes, you may retake the English Placement Assessment once. In order to retake the assessment, you will have to wait for your first assessment result to be posted to the Placement Results channel within TUportal.

Math Assessment

Which major requires Math Placement Assessment?

Computer Science (CIS), International Business Studies (IBS), Economics, and Undeclared
Students who plan to pursue these majors are required to take Math Placement Assessment regardless of their transfer credits, unless they received automatic placement based on SAT/ACT scores provided to TUJ

Majors other than CIS, IBS, Economics and Undeclared
Math Placement Assessment is unnecessary if students received (A) automatic placement based on SAT/ACT scores, or (B) QA/QB/GQ transfer credits.

I do not have SAT/ACT scores but I have a transfer course with QA/QB/GQ codes. Should I take the Math Placement Assessment?

Yes, if you are a Computer Science (CIS), International Business Studies (IBS) or Economics major, or if you are currently undeclared, the Math Placement Assessment is still required regardless of your transfer credits.

If you plan to pursue something else other than the aforementioned majors and are automatically placed based upon your SAT/ACT scores provided to TUJ, you do not have to Math Placement Assessment.

I already received placement exemptions based on my QA/QB/GQ courses, but I am thinking to change my major to Computer Science (CIS), International Business Studies (IBS), or Economics major. What should I do?

Because these majors require Math Placement Assessments regardless of your transfer credits, please complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment on your TUportal. If the step for ALEKS is hidden, you can click “Show Completed” in your Next Steps and click the step for ALEKS.

If you are a current student, please contact TUJ’s Academic Advising Center (AAC) at aac@tuj.temple.edu. AAC will request you be added to the Math Placement Assessment system.

I wrote something different on my application, but I am thinking to change my major to Computer Science (CIS), International Business Studies (IBS), or Economics major. What should I do?

Students should take Math Placement Assessment based on their intended major rather than the major they wrote down on the application.

Why is the Math Placement Assessment required for these specific majors: Computer Information Science (CIS), International Business Studies (IBS), Economics?

Because these programs require very rigorous 2 or 3-semester sequences of Math courses. Through this assessment, we would like to determine the best level of Math course you should start with.

Why is the Math Placement Assessment required for undeclared students?

Because we would like to enable these students to explore all possibilities for majors.Your proficiency in math is one of the most important key factors to take into consideration.