Visa Regulations

In 2005, TUJ was granted authority by the Japanese Bureau of Immigration to sponsor student visas. That authority can be revoked and as a result, TUJ takes its obligations with respect to visa sponsorship very seriously. Decisions whether or not to act as a sponsor for a student visa or otherwise to assist students with visa-related processes are made by TUJ in its sole discretion. TUJ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to provide visa sponsorship or assistance with visa-related processes.

If you will apply for or currently hold a TUJ-sponsored visa, you are obligated to know and comply with the rules and guidelines set forth in this section. Visa-sponsored students must understand and abide by Japanese Immigration Law, as well as TUJ visa rules and regulations. Students applying for TUJ-sponsored visas must submit all documents on time. You are responsible and obligated to know your visa status, to take action in advance to maintain that status, and to inform the Office of Student Services (OSS) when any changes to that status occur.

TUJ is required to regularly submit enrollment reports to the Japanese Immigration Bureau which document any changes in status or sponsorship for any student. TUJ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit access to TUJ services, restrict enrollment, or revoke sponsorship if you fail to follow TUJ policies or instructions; fail to comply with Japanese Immigration laws and regulations; or engage in misconduct or behavior that may adversely affect TUJ's standing with the Immigration Bureau of Japan or other governmental authorities.

If you are a student seeking a TUJ-sponsored student visa or currently hold a TUJ-sponsored visa, please carefully read through the visa information provided here. If you are unsure of anything related to your visa, please contact the visa coordinator in OSS at