Visa Application Process and Documents

Last update: March 1, 2019

Visa Application Process

  1. Submit the required documents to TUJ by the student visa application deadline.
  2. TUJ submits the visa application to the Immigration Bureau.
  3. Immigration will take 5-8 weeks to approve the visa application and issue a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
  4. Once TUJ receives the COE, TUJ will invoice the student for the Advance Payment.
  5. After confirming receipt of payment, TUJ sends the COE via express mail to the student.
  6. The passport is stamped with the visa and returned to the student. The student may now enter Japan.

Visa Application Documents

In addition to completing the Admission Application, please submit the following items by the student visa application deadline. All documents must be in English. Documents sent to TUJ will not be returned. Students are able to begin working on their student visa application from three months before the visa application deadline of their starting semester.

Please contact your TUJ representative for the information on where to send these documents.

1. Student Visa Application Form

Students should download the following excel spreadsheet, complete it, save it as either an XLS or XML file, and e-mail it to A sample PDF file is also attached for your assistance.

2. Passport Photocopy

Copy of the Photo/ID and Signature page of your passport. This can be submitted by e-mail or fax.

3. Two Identical Passport-sized Photos (4 cm high x 3 cm wide)

Photos must show a clear, full front view of the student's face from the bottom of the chin to the top of the hair against a white or off-white background. Photos must be official passport photos, taken at such places as a pharmacy or a professional photography studio. They also must be in color, printed on photo paper and taken within the last 3 months. 2 inch x 2 inch photos can be submitted if they are official passport photos. Passport photos need to be mailed in the post to Temple University, Japan Campus. Please include your name and student ID # in the envelope with your photos.

4. Proof of Financial Viability

To issue a student visa, the Japanese Immigration Bureau requires that all students show the ability to support themselves. TUJ estimates ¥3,000,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency) as the amount necessary to cover costs, including tuition, school fees, and living expenses, for the first two semesters. The documents you submit should show where the money to pay for school and living expenses is actually coming from.

Students can submit documents in their own name or, if you do not have the full amount, a financial guarantor, such as a parent, relative or acquaintance, can submit documents on your behalf to meet the ¥3,000,000 requirement. The guarantor must submit documents in his or her name that reflect their current financial situation, and must be dated within three months of the visa application deadline. The guarantor must complete the Letter of Sponsorship below. GI Bill 100% coverage recipients do not need to submit a Letter of Sponsorship

Financial viability can be proved by submitting any combination of the following documents:

All documents must be in either Japanese or English. Documents may not be submitted after the visa application deadline. If you are from Bangladesh, China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan), Mongol, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, or Vietnam, original bank statements written and signed by the bank on your available balance must be mailed to TUJ by post and addressed to your university contact.

5. Academic Record and Record of Completion of Previous Institution (if previously studied at a school in Japan)

If the applicant has ever studied in Japan before language school, credit program, etc.—even under a tourist visa—Japanese Immigration requires original documents of school transcript, attendance record, and a letter of activity completion. Submit all of the following documents which the previous institution issues: transcript, attendance record, and school completion certificate/letter of withdrawal.

These documents must be originals with the school's seal. These documents are in addition to the applicant admissions application documents. Be sure to send TUJ two originals of each of these documents at the time of admissions application.