The "Pink Wednesday" was a small-scale event dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer, held on Wednesday, October 11th 2023. The event aimed to educate, support, and engage the students/faculty in hopes to foster a sense of community. Students and faculty alike were encouraged to share their stories if they chose to do so and connect with others who have been affected by breast cancer and offer words of encouragement.

During the event, informational fliers were handed out which highlighted the importance of early detection, self-examination, and local resources. Those who stopped by were given a small pink ribbon pin or stickers featuring breast cancer awareness slogans.

The event leveraged social media platforms and on-campus posters to promote breast cancer awareness, using event-specific hashtags and word of mouth to spread out our reach.

Overall, "Pink Wednesday" successfully raised awareness about breast cancer in the university, provided support to those affected by the disease, and fostered a sense of unity and encouragement among attendees, hopefully leaving a small impact on breast cancer awareness.

TUJ LEAD Fellow, Farozan Abdul Jalil, organized this breast cancer awareness event.
The poster of "Pink Wednesday" used for this event.