About the Office of Student Services

The Office of Students Services (OSS) supports TUJ's diverse student population as they become members of the university community. In addition to providing assistance with the visa application process and coordinating Financial Aid/GI Bill-related matters and housing, the OSS provides orientations to help students adapt to the academic and social life at TUJ. The OSS also works with the Student Government and other student organizations to encourage social interaction among students with different backgrounds by creating events and activities that appeal to all TUJ students.

Temple University, Japan Campus, Office of Student Services

1-14-29 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0004 (Access)

Weekdays 9:00-17:30 (Japan Time)

Administrative Staff

As the primary office at TUJ charged with overseeing student compliance with university rules and procedures, the OSS coordinates with academic and administrative offices at the university to provide an environment consistent with the university's educational standards, while helping to develop a healthy and active student life.

To contact any of the Administrative Staff of OSS by email, please send an email to oss@tuj.temple.edu.

Nicole Despres (Director)

The Director oversees the day-to-day operation of and quality of services provided by OSS. She also works with upper administration, student government, and other university departments to implement school policies.

Paul Gaspari (Assistant Director)

The Assistant Director is responsible for all accepted student inquiries, new student orientations, and issues concerning current students. He is also the initial contact point for all non-academic disciplinary and Code of Conduct violation claims.

Rumiko Inoue (Student Services Coordinator & OSS Housing Advisor)

The Student Services Coordinator assists students with their transition to TUJ and Japan. She is also in charge of TUJ dorm housing and TUJ's homestay program. As the OSS Housing Advisor, she provides students with apartment-search information, coordinates with real estate agents, sets up on-campus Housing Fairs every semester, and is able to meet individually with students to discuss housing-related matters.

Luis Navarro (Activities Coordinator)

The Activities Coordinator organizes many activities each semester, including culture and language exchange programs, traditional arts workshops, day outings, and overnight trips. These activities are designed to cultivate social relations among our diverse community, and advance the university's mission as an international university in Japan. He is also in charge of student clubs and organizations.

Zachary Carter (Financial Aid Coordinator)

The Financial Aid Coordinator is responsible for assisting students with matters related to US Financial Aid.

Mika Sumida (Visa Coordinator)

The Visa Coordinator assists accepted and continuing TUJ visa sponsored students for different types of visa applications and extensions.

Ryoko Otani (Visa Coordinator)

The Visa Coordinator assists accepted and continuing TUJ visa sponsored students for different types of visa applications and extensions.

Teppei Hayashi (Study Abroad Coordinator)

The Study Abroad Coordinator is responsible for overseeing outbound TUJ students studying abroad through various study abroad programs, including going to Temple main and Rome campus, Temple-sponsored programs, bilateral exchanges, and external programs. The coordinator advises students on program selection criteria in conjunction with academic advisors, and assists students throughout the application and pre-departure process as well as during and after the study abroad period.

Andrea Johnson (Dorm Manager at Musashi Kosugi Dorm)

As the primary contact for students living in the dorms, the Dorm Manager lives at the dorm on-site to monitor students' behavior, address basic needs, and help to culturally adjust to life in Tokyo.