Practicing Kanji on a blackboard

Japanese Language

TUJ's Japanese Language major is a unique program designed to offer a comprehensive Japanese language curriculum in a JSL (Japanese as a Second Language) setting. It aims to achieve advanced and well-balanced proficiency in Japanese so that students will, by using the Japanese language as a communication tool, be active social agents to make contributions in the world of globalization.


  • Native speakers of Japanese are not permitted to pursue the Japanese major.
  • Transfer students intending to major in Japanese should also refer to the information on the full-time enrollment requirement for TUJ-sponsored visa students.

Ryoko Osada

Coordinator of Japanese and Critical Languages Program

Our program takes a functional approach to language learning. It lays a special emphasis on language acquisition and its mastery so that students establish a solid linguistic foundation through integral language courses coupled with skills-based courses. TUJ ensures an optimum language learning environment for students where they have the opportunity to pursue their studies alongside Japanese students on campus and in the local community.

At TUJ, students who take up Japanese language have a strong interest in international careers, in U.S.-Japan relations and in Japan’s relations with other countries. Many pursue career opportunities in the Japanese markets where Japanese language proficiency is an absolute must. To meet such students’ needs and demands, the Japanese Language major focuses on enabling students to become functional and competent in all four language skills—reading, writing, speaking and listening—in Japanese.

Professor Interview

Portrait photo of assistant professor Ryoko Osada

Welcome to Nihon-go: Let's Learn Japanese!

Note: This is an interview with the major coordinator as of July 2017.

Student Interviews

Student Voice

Valerie Holland


Graduated from South Mecklenburg High School in North Carolina, USA

I first learned about TUJ when a recruiter came to my high school Japanese class. After I visited Japan on a two-week scholarship program, I realized Japan was where I wanted to be. TUJ became my answer to a dream. I love the fact the even though TUJ is in Japan, it is an American university. It has been a goal of mine to become an English/Japanese translator.

Knowing about many subjects will help me as a translator. I plan to become fluent in Japanese and learn many more subjects before I leave TUJ so that I can have a good chance of succeeding. TUJ has become a step to reach my dream career, and I am looking forward to my education here.

Sample Curriculum

  • Japanese Intermediate II
  • Japanese Advanced I
  • Japanese Advanced II
  • Japanese Advanced III
  • Japanese Advanced IV

At least four Language Skills Courses (Example below)

  • Kanji II
  • Oral Intensive Japanese II
  • Advanced Oral Japanese
  • Advanced Japanese Writing
  • Structure of Japanese Language I
  • Structure of Japanese Language II
  • Intermediate Writing in Japanese
  • Introduction to Consecutive Interpreting and Translation I
  • Introduction to Consecutive Interpreting and Translation II

Four Area Studies Electives

Of these four courses, one must be a Writing Intensive taught in English