Other Educational Funding Available in Japan


The information below is available in Japanese.

Here are some scholarships and educational loans for Japanese, students with permanent residency, married to Japanese or permanent resident and long-term resident who is in the process of becoming permanent resident in Japan.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

For TUJ’s degree seeking students, a loan “Category 2 Scholarship (overseas)” is available. Bridge Program is also included in the consideration as a preparation to UG.

Japanese Finance Corporation (TUJ Contracted Educational Loan)

Your parent will be the applicant. While you apply for JFC, you can also apply for JASSO.

ORICO (TUJ Contracted Educational Loan)

Parents of Japanese students or students with permanent residency in Japan may apply for the ORICO loan. If you wish to apply for ORICO loan, you must first complete the "Educational Records Release (ERR) Form for the ORICO Loan Program", and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

After submission of ERR Form, proceed to the online application form on ORICO website. After being approved for the loan, the funds will be paid directly to TUJ.

School (gakko) code:
Application (moushi-komi) code:


The information below is available in Japanese

Scholarships Sponsored by Japanese Newspapers

In addition to providing a room at student dorm and scholarships, each newspaper company also provides salaries for students studying while delivering newspapers.

Scholarships Sponsored by Other Organizations