TUJ Tuition Payment

Available Methods of Payment

Payments for TUJ tuition and fees can be made using any of the following methods:

  1. By Credit card. Payment by Visa or MasterCard can be made via the link on the tuition and fee statement/invoice sent to students directly through their TUmail.
  2. By Western Union. A link to the Western Union payment website is provided on the statement/invoice sent to students.
  3. By bank transfer. Please see the bank account information below (also available on the statement/invoice).

Bank Fees and Charges

All bank charges for payments of tuition and/or fees are the responsibility of the party making the payment. Students are also responsible for any bank fees incurred for the transfer of refunds resulting from overpayment or withdrawal within the appropriate associated deadlines. This includes the refunding of financial aid.

Important Note about TUpay and TUportal Account Summary

Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

To assist students with the costs associated with studying, TUJ offers an installment plan called Easy Payment Plan. Current students will receive the details about how to apply for the Easy Payment Plan via temple.edu e-mail account with the tuition statement. Specific details of the plan for individual semesters can be found under Tuition Billing and Payment Schedules.

1098T Tax Information (U.S. Students)

Please be aware that TUJ does not currently issue the IRS Form 1098T. Students may request a payment history record in lieu of this; this details all payments made in the period requested and is only available in Japanese yen. Please consult your tax professional regarding the use of this in claiming any education related deduction or credit.


Tuition and fees are non-refundable and payment is required unless course(s) are dropped within the first two weeks of the semester (add/drop period). If you decide not to attend any courses in a particular semester, you must drop all your courses before the end of the add/drop period. If you do not, you are liable for the full amount due for the semester.

Financial Aid Exchange Rates

The exchange rate for financial aid is set and confirmed at two specific stages:

Target Rate

Initially a target exchange rate is set for an upcoming semester. This rate is set well before the semester starts, so it is subject to change based on the exchange rate at the time of financial aid disbursement at main campus.

First Disbursement Rate

Provided the exchange rate at the time of the first disbursement date or any subsequent disbursement date falls within +/- 3% of the target rate, the target rate will be used. If the exchange rate at the time of the disbursement or subsequent disbursement date is greater than +/- 3% of the target exchange rate, a new rate will be set. This new rate will then be used on any subsequent disbursement dates throughout the semester provided the prevailing rate on the subsequent disbursement dates is within +/- 3% of the new rate.

Further information on financial aid can be found here.

Financial Holds

Financial holds are placed on student accounts when payments (full or easy payment plan payments) are not received by the due dates, or if a student has an outstanding balance on his/her account. A financial hold will preclude the student from being able to register for courses in future semesters, add or drop classes if already registered, withdraw from classes, take advantage of certain University privileges, or obtain official University documents including transcripts, enrollment confirmation, or diplomas.

If you have any questions about payment for tuition and fees please contact the Bursar's Office.


Methods of Payment

  1. Can I pay by credit card?
    Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Credit card payments can be made via the link on the tuition and fee statement or invoice sent to students directly through their TUmail.
  2. Can I pay via TUpay?
    No, payment for TUJ tuition and fees cannot be made through TUpay. This service is only for students at the main campus.
  3. I tried to pay by credit card, but it did not work. What should I do?
    For any questions about the credit card payments that do not go through, please contact your credit card company (contact details are usually placed on the back of your card).

Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

  1. How do I enroll for the EPP?
    Students can enroll for the EPP through the links available on their statements.
  2. What are the EPP dates for each semester?
    Details of the plan for each semester can be found here.


  1. I have dropped my courses to 6 credits, but I have already paid for 12 credits. Can I get a refund?
    As long as you have dropped the courses during the add/drop period you can apply for a refund. Please contact the Bursar's office to get the form.
  2. Do I have to pay the bank fee on the refund to my account?
    Yes, students are responsible for any bank fees incurred for refunds resulting from overpayment. This includes the refunding of financial aid.


  1. I have received a statement for this semester but have also added a class. When will I get an update?
    Students will receive updated statements at the end of the add/drop period each semester to reflect any changes they have made to their enrollment. Details on tuition billing and payment schedules are available here.
  2. I am a GI Bill student, but my coverage does not appear in my statement. What should I do?
    Please check with the registrar that your COE has been received via e-mail at tujregistrar@tuj.temple.edu.
  3. I have applied for financial aid for this semester, but it does not appear in my statement. What should I do?
    If you have applied for financial aid but do not see the details of your coverage in your statement, you may need to submit further documentation. Please check your financial aid status on TUportal or contact the financial aid coordinator at tujfinaid@tuj.temple.edu.

Exchange rates for Financial Aid

  1. Why did the exchange rate change on my statement?
    Please see Financial Aid Exchange Rates for more information.

Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office at Temple University, Japan Campus can assist you with inquiries related to making or confirming payments for classes and questions related to tuition statements and invoices. Our office also works with other University departments in processing financial aid and arranging refunds.