Areas of Expertise

Associate Professor Sheridan’s expertise lies within several aspects of both tourism and hospitality fields.  His breadth of knowledge includes all aspects of hotels as well as many facets of tourism.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Sheridan has taught at Temple University since Fall 2012.  During that time, his tourism and hospitality courses included Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, Operations, Contemporary Issues, Disaster Management, Planning and Development, Organization Management. In addition, he has worked with countless students on internships, projects and theses.

Representative Publications

  • Sheridan, M.F. (2022). Effects of Cyberbullying on Student Success. (Publication No. 28966734) [Doctoral dissertation, Temple University]. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.
  • Guaracino, J. and Salvato, E. (2017). Handbook of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality: A Guide for Business Practices. New York: Columbia University Press. Provided Educator’s Discussion Guide
  • Sheridan, M.F., Lee, S., & Roehl, W. (2013). Effects of Hotel Discounting Practice on Visitors’ Perceptions and Visit Intentions: Case of Philadelphia. Tourism Economics, 19 (3), 599-611.



    • 2018-2022 Doctor of Education, Higher Education, 2022
    • 2017 Certification Program: Certification in Online and Digital Learning, 2017
    • 2015 Certification Program: Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics, 2015
    • 2014 Certification Program: Teaching in Higher Education, 2014
    • 2007-2010 Master of Tourism Hospitality Management, 2010
    • 1992-1998 Bachelor of Arts: Journalism, Public Relations & Advertising, 1998

    • 2009 Certification Program: Hotel Revenue Management, 2009

Previous Appointments:

  • 2020-23, Associate Professor of Practice
  • 2018-22, Academic Director, Master of Science in Hospitality Management
  • 2015-16, Director of Programs, Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • 2013-20, Assistant Professor
  • 2012-13, Adjunct Professor