Brad Visgatis is currently a professor in the Department of Psychology and Communication at Osaka International University where he teaches reading and writing courses in an intensive English program (in English), a course that compares eastern and western culture (in Japanese) and supervise student senior theses (in Japanese). He has two main research interests: research into media and communications and research into SLA. His research in media and communications has focused on comparative media, such as comparing Japanese and English language newspapers, and psychological aspects of media consumption, such as investigating the differences between the US and Japan in the relationship between ethnocentrism and media awareness. His research into SLA has most recently addressed the issue of out-of-class English-related time use by Japanese university students. This has involved both examining characteristics of that time use (how the time was spent, where it took place, how students felt about that time) and the motivational factors that drive the out-of-class time use by students.

Ed.D., Temple University