Atsuko Takase is an instructor at Iwano English School. She has taught extensive reading/listening (ER/EL) to high school and university students for over 25 years by encouraging and motivating reluctant students to enjoy reading English books and to improving their English proficiency. She has also been teaching ER/EL to elementary school children and adults including senior citizens for five years. She has found that an abundance of listening and reading input from EL and ER before learning grammar or translation at junior high school is highly likely to be effective for learners to improve their English proficiency. She has been promoting ER/EL from elementary schools to universities and adult groups across Japan by holding lectures and symposia. She also published a book, “English Extensive Reading and Extensive Listening Teaching Manual,” (2010) from Taishukan, and co-authored a book “Cognitive Science of Reading in English” (2021 in print). She is a board member of Extensive Reading Foundation (ERF) and Japan Extensive Reading Association (JERA). Her research interests include extensive reading/listening, ER/EL motivation, and vocabulary acquisition via ER/EL.

Education:  Ed.D., Temple University