Housing Requirements for Newly Accepted Students

All new students receiving visa sponsorship from TUJ are required to stay in housing arranged by the university during their first semester at TUJ. After the first semester, students must vacate TUJ housing (dorm or homestay) and find independent housing such as private apartments, share-houses etc. It might be possible to remain in the dorm after the first semester through a private contract made directly with the dorm facility. TUJ cannot guarantee room availability and does not assist students with the contract process.

If Japanese students and students who do not need visa sponsorship would like to live in TUJ housing, it is suggested to make an individual contact directly with the dorm managing company at gakusei@itc-uc.co.jp

TUJ Housing Request Form

To apply for TUJ housing, either a dorm or a homestay, you will need to submit a housing application form. Housing selection takes place closer to the start of each semester and the Office of Student Services and Engagement will inform you of your housing assignment. The link for the housing application form will be shared with you after your COE is submitted to Japanese immigration.

Housing Request Deadlines

To secure your place in TUJ housing, please submit your housing application form within two weeks from the receipt of email with the link for housing application form.

TUJ Housing Waiver Petition

In limited circumstances, exceptions may be granted to students who have one or more of the followings:

Submitting a petition is included in your housing application process.