Leave of Absence

Last update: October 2016

Scope of Policy & Rationale

Full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students who have been registered during the semester immediately prior to the beginning of the proposed semester(s) of absence are eligible to apply for an approved Leave of Absence (LOA). Approved students remain as active, non-enrolled students in university systems.

TUJ Visa-Sponsored students who wish to obtain a Leave of Absence must obtain additional advisement from the Office of Student Services (OSS).

New students who wish to defer enrolling in their first semester are not eligible for a Leave of Absence and instead must arrange through the Office of Student Services (OSS) to defer the semester they begin their studies.

Students who have a commuter pass on student discount and wish to obtain a Leave of Absence must obtain additional advisement from the Facility and General Affairs.


A Leave of Absence (LOA) is an approved request for up to two consecutive semesters of non-enrollment (summer sessions excluded).

Policy Statement

Students may apply for a Leave of Absence through the end of the drop/add period of any given semester. An LOA may be granted for one or two consecutive semesters, excluding summer sessions. Under special circumstances, an extension to an approved LOA may be considered, but some of the privileges listed below may not apply.

Students granted LOA retain their admitted student status and remain eligible for the following privileges:

  • Retain the university requirements in place for their academic programs at the time of their first semester at Temple and the requirements in place for their major, concentration, minor or certificate at the time they declared them.
  • Temple email access.
  • Priority and self registration for the approved semester of return.
  • Library access and borrowing privileges.
  • Access to TUJ Career Development Office and Counseling Office.

Students granted LOA are not considered registered students and as non-enrolled students are not eligible for:

  • Financial aid disbursements during the semesters while on LOA. Students on a LOA are reported to lenders and loan service agencies as "not enrolled" and need to contact lenders for information on possible repayment requirements.
  • Enrollment verification since they are reported as "not enrolled," which could affect eligibility for health insurance, etc.
  • Use of other university services not listed in the previous section.
  • Campus Housing during their LOA.

Students may return earlier than the original agreed return date by providing notice to their schools/colleges as soon as possible, keeping in mind applicable deadlines for registration, financial aid, etc.

Students who do not return following the approved term for their LOA, or those students who did not apply for LOA, need to apply for re-enrollment to their schools/colleges if they wish to continue their coursework. Re-enrolled students do not retain their original bulletin year nor major declaration requirements and must follow the most current requirements for their schools/colleges and majors.

Students taking an approved medical withdrawal (WE) in a current semester are not considered to be on LOA.

How to Apply

Currently enrolled degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students can take advantage of the new Leave of Absence application in TUportal. Students can access the Leave of Absence application in TUportal by following the steps below.

  1. Sign into TUportal
  2. Under the TUapplications heading, click Enrollment Services.
  3. In Enrollment Services, click Services.
  4. In the Services menu, select Leave of Absence.

With the launch of the Leave of Absence portal application, Temple’s University’s the Office of the University Registrar will no longer accept the paper Leave of Absence forms.

FAQ for Leave of Absence

Who can and cannot use the online Leave of Absence application in TUportal?

All students can access the application; however, the ability to apply via TUportal varies based on individual student record. Ineligible students will receive an appropriate message explaining why they cannot use the online application.

What are the deadlines for applying for a Leave of Absence?

The deadlines differ for Main Campus and Temple Japan (TUJ) students. The application informs the students of the deadline under the heading Dates to Apply By. The application strictly adheres to the deadline dates.

How will the system work for students whose registration remains for the semester in which they are planning to take a Leave of Absence?

In this case, the student will not be able to request a Leave of Absence unless all courses are dropped for the leave term. Once the student drops all of their courses, they will then be able to request a Leave of Absence. If a student is on a Leave of Absence and registers for the same term, the Leave of Absence for that and future terms will be cancelled automatically and the student will be notified by email.

Is there something different for students who must take a leave of absence for military deployment?

Students can apply online and select Military as a reason for the leave, and provide the deployment dates. If the deployment dates extend the permitted leave period, Office of the University Registrar will send the students a follow-up email with instructions on how-to submit the deployment papers to support the extended leave.

How long will it take to approve a Leave of Absence?

Approval is near real-time; however, TUJ Visa-Sponsored students who wish to obtain a Leave of Absence must obtain additional advisement from the Office of Student Services (OSS).

Where can students check the status of their Leave of Absence?

The status for Leave of Absence can be found in the Enrollment Services Dashboard: