Alumni Interviews

TUJ's first commencement ceremony took place in 1984, when we graduated 13 Associate of Art and 8 Master of Education degree students. Since then, the total number of students graduated from TUJ has grown to exceed 4,500. On this page, we invite all our alumni from the last 28 years to share their stories and ideas about the past, present and future of TUJ.

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多田文子 (Ayako Tada)

2005 Bachelor of Arts

楽野鷹輝 (Takaki Rakuno)

2010 Bachelor of Business Administration

奥村 美香 (Mika Okumura)

1999 Associate of Arts

三浦 玲 (Rei Shimmen Miura)

2004 Bachelor of Arts

内海 稔 (Minoru Uchiumi)

2001 Master of Business Administration

Fuoti 美奈子 (Minako Fuoti)

1999 Bachelor of Arts

Anne Sciortino

1989 Master of Education

長谷川景 (Kei Hasegawa)

1995 Associate of Arts

藪井秀一郎 (Shu Yabui)

2010 Bachelor of Business Administration

島田衛 (Mamoru Shimada)

1998 Bachelor of Arts

大島さくら子 (Sakurako Oshima)

2003 Bachelor of Arts

内藤信也 (Shinya Naito)

1995 Bachelor of Arts

Sepalika Wijekoon

1990 Bachelor of Arts

辻 治樹 (Haruki Tsuji)

2011 Bachelor of Arts

浦元 康介 (Kosuke Uramoto)

2002 Bachelor of Arts

近藤 竜生 (Tatsuo Kondo)

2002 Bachelor of Arts

渡辺 孝志(Takashi Watanabe)

1996 Bachelor of Arts


2008 Bachelor of Arts

Lisa Vogt

1993 Master of Education

Peter Sterlacci

1997 Master of Education

小林 伸行 (Nobuyuki Kobayashi)

2004 Bachelor of Arts

古澤 礼太 (Reita Furusawa)

1996 B.A., 1998 M.Ed., 1999 M.A.

稲川 知子 (Tomoko Inagawa)

1999 Bachelor of Arts

寺井 克也 (Katsuya Terai)

2009 Bachelor of Arts

三代 由里恵 (Yurie Mishiro)

2009 Bachelor of Arts

高橋 優一 (Yuichi Takahashi)

2005 Bachelor of Arts

桃井 和馬 (Kazuma Momoi)

1987 Bachelor of Arts

David P. Baca

1988 Master of Education

横沢 稔明 (Toshiaki Yokozawa)

1992 Bachelor of Arts

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