High School Economics Teacher and Wrestling Coach at St. Mary's International School
High School Economics Teacher and Wrestling Coach at St. Mary's International School

Which campus did you attend?

Mita/Azabu campus

What was the most memorable thing(s) about TUJ from when you were a student?

I just remember being busy every day. I had a full time load of classes, I had to work so I could pay my tuition and I was the president of the Student Government. Juggling these three duties kept me busy from eight in the morning to coming home at one in the morning for the first two years. I would be discussing a homework assignment with my colleagues, then, the next moment, I would be on the phone with my client and I would be off to a meeting with student club leaders. I actually miss that hectic jamboree of tasks crammed into a day. In my last semester, I remember working on assignments with my classmates in the computer lab late at night and then sometimes (or often) we would just give up and go out for a drink. When I look back now, they were all fun and sweet times.

How has the education you received at TUJ been helping you in your career or your life in general?

Firstly, I incorporate a lot of business concepts in my economics classes, which makes the subject much more interesting for the students. Secondly, I had interesting and amazing professors for all of my classes. None of them were the "textbook" oriented instructors but taught the course from a variety of practical perspectives that came from their own working experiences before TUJ. Therefore, I learned, not only about textbook theories, but also about the "real" world, people and life. Now, I pass on their teachings with my experiences to my students to make them — not just better test-takers, but — a better person.

Looking at TUJ now, what do you think has changed or stayed the same at TUJ since your student days?

The reputation of TUJ has definitely become better now. I think more people are aware of the uniqueness and the benefits of studying at TUJ. When I was in high school, TUJ had a horrible reputation. It was a school where guys that could not get into any college in the US went to. But, when I enrolled in TUJ, I had realized that I was completely wrong about the school. Yes, TUJ may have had a lower standard for accepting students or had a low profile. But, it was only because TUJ was new and different from other universities, or simply, special. TUJ is a special institution where special educators come to teach special students.

How do you see the future of TUJ?

The world is demanding more people who are multilingual, multicultural, creative, responsible and unique. I believe TUJ is an environment that can nurture such individuals. As more graduates become successful in the world, TUJ will continue to build its brand reputation and TUJ will be the university to go. I hope that, someday, TUJ will have a giant, magnificent campus with 50,000 students walking around with TUJ apparels on!

(Posted in October 2012)

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