Television Reporter, Event MC, Public Relations Executive.
Television Reporter, Event MC, Public Relations Executive.
Photo credit: Bene: Introducing the culture of Senegal (her home country) in a Minato-ku elementary school.

Which campus did you attend?


What was the most memorable thing(s) about TUJ from when you were a student?

Every moment at TUJ is memorable, especially when professors recognize students' talents, help them explore, and guide them in the right direction. The best experience I had at TUJ was the cross-cultural classes that I gave in Japanese elementary schools introducing Senegalese culture to the young children. I loved being able to participate in TUJ's outside activities contributing to Minato-ku. I enjoyed adding a bit of my spice to the cross-cultural exchange between Japan and TUJ. I was very honored to introduce my culture and think that this experience wouldn't exist if Temple didn't!

How has the education you received at TUJ been helping you in your career or your life in general?

I was already working in Japanese showbiz as a reporter when I studied at Temple. I improved my communication skills and learned several techniques to mark my presence, and to improve my delivery when speaking in front of the camera and an audience.

I think that the diversity of the nationalities of the students at the university makes it unique and leads to a greater understanding of each other. I call TUJ the "cultural melting pot."

Looking at TUJ now, what do you think has changed or stayed the same at TUJ since your student days?

I think that more Japanese people are studying at TUJ and TUJ is becoming more and more well-known. The professors are great and are still willing to help former students as well. The feeling of having a big family is constantly there and I love it!

How do you see the future of TUJ?

I think TUJ will be "THE" American university in Japan! The professors teaching at TUJ are very professional, so I believe that the level of the studies will increase.

(Posted in June 2012)

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