International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Students

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) welcomes applications from students who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma. IB courses are extremely challenging and demanding, and they provide excellent preparation for university study.

Admission Policy

Applicants seeking admission on the basis of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program must complete the IB diploma.

Required Documents

The following items must be submitted by the application deadlines:

1. Admission Application Form

Please complete one of the following:

2. Official IB Transcript

An official IB transcript must be sent directly to TUJ from the IB regional office.

The easiest way to ensure that TUJ receives your IB transcript is to name TUJ as a recipient when you sign up for IB program exam(s). If you do not name TUJ as a recipient when you take your exam, contact the IB Organization to request that your official IB transcript be sent directly to TUJ. Please use Request for results service for your IB transcript request at the IB Organization website.

Current High School Students

Submit your official high school transcript(s), and IB predicted grades. All documents must be official.

3. Typed, Personal Statement in English

The personal statement is a chance for applicants to introduce themselves; discuss their interest in TUJ; describe long-term personal, academic or career goals; or share any other information pertaining to academic goals that the applicant would like the Admissions Office to consider. The statement should be 250-400 words.

The statement text should be typed or pasted into the relevant field on the application form. If not possible, it may be submitted by e-mail (PDF or Word document).

4. Official Standardized Test Results

For Native English Speakers

One of the following examinations:

For Non-native English Speakers

One of the following examinations taken no earlier than two years before the date of application to TUJ:


5. Non-refundable Application Fee of ¥10,300

The non-refundable application fee is ¥10,300. If you are from a TUJ-affiliated school, the application fee is waived.

Within one month of admission to TUJ, applicants are required to pay a ¥36,000 non-refundable Admission Fee. This fee confirms intention to enroll and secures a place at TUJ. Instructions on how to pay the admission fee will be sent along with the admissions decision. For students accepted for Spring 2020 onward, the ¥36,000 Admission Fee will be replaced with a mandatory ¥36,000 Orientation Fee to be paid as part of the Advance Payment (visa-needed students) or as part of the first tuition invoice (non-visa-needed students)

Prospective students applying for a Japanese student visa through TUJ must pay a visa application fee of ¥20,600 upon submission of the visa application form, or as a part of the Advance Payment.

Payment Methods

IB Equivalencies

Students who complete any IB courses may be awarded transfer credits based on the course subject and grade as determined by the Admissions Office.

The official IB transcript must be sent directly to TUJ from the IB regional office in order to be evaluated for transfer credit. Credits are awarded according to the Temple Main IB Equivalency Table.