Frequently Asked Questions about GI Bill and Veterans Benefits

Can I change from SOFA status to a student visa?

Yes, you can. For more details and information regarding student visas, please visit the Visa Information section of this website. If you are separating in Japan, please consult your admissions counselor for more information on the transition to TUJ.

What fees are covered by the GI BILL?

If you are under 100% coverage for Post 9/11 benefits, the GI Bill will cover the orientation fee, tuition, matriculation fee, student activities fee, and facilities fee. If you are not under 100% coverage, you will be expected to pay the difference in fees.

Fees not covered by the GI Bill are the application fee, visa application fee (if under TUJ's student visa-sponsorship), housing fee (if staying in university housing), and any late enrollment or withdrawal fees incurred.

My GI Bill doesn't cover 100% of school costs. Can I get loans or other financial aid?

Yes. American citizens and green card holders are able to use federal financial aid. Please see the Cost & Financial Aid section of this website for more details.

Can I transfer my GI Bill benefits to my child?

Yes, it is possible for veterans or active military personnel to transfer their educational benefits to their children/dependents. The GI Bill Certificate of Eligibility (COE) needs to be issued in the student's name. Contact your VA office to find out how to transfer benefits.

Does TUJ participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program?

While Temple University Main Campus participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, TUJ is not eligible to participate in this program because of its location. For Post 9/11 GI Bill students with 100% coverage, however, full tuition, matriculation fee, and several other fees are covered by the GI Bill. Students with partial coverage are able to use federal financial aid. In addition, a payment plan is available at TUJ to pay the balance not covered by your GI Bill.

Are application fees covered by the GI Bill?

No, the admissions application and visa application fees are not covered by the GI Bill.

I live on base in Japan now. Do I have to stay in the dorms for my first semester?

No, you do not have to stay in the dorms for your first semester. If you have lived in Japan previously but are coming to TUJ from outside of Japan, you will need to stay in TUJ housing (dorms or a TUJ-arranged homestay) for your first semester. Please see the Housing section of this website for more information.