Temple University Student Code of Conduct

Temple University formulates and enforces rules of conduct to ensure that all students act in a manner consistent with the University’s educational mandate and respectful of all members of the university community. By registering as a student at Temple University, each student accepts the right of the university to exercise related disciplinary authority. Each student should read and understand the Student Code of Conduct:

The Code of Conduct incorporates by reference other university rules and regulations. Whether visa regulations or dorm rules, each student is responsible for reading and understanding the Code of Conduct and other stated requirements for the university activities in which they are engaged. The goal is for all members of the university community to be able to participate in a safe and constructive environment.

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) administrative authorities and its general counsel are responsible for administering the Student Code of Conduct and other rules and regulations. An alleged violation of relevant rules and regulations, e.g. an allegation of theft, or disorderly conduct, or violation of TUJ’s alcohol-related policies, may result in a Code of Conduct complaint. A finding of responsibility will result in sanctions, ranging from community service, to fines, suspension, or expulsion. A disciplinary hold will be placed on the student’s record until the Code of Conduct process is complete.

TUJ Drinking and Smoking Policies

Any violation of the Temple University Drug and Alcohol Policy is subject to the disciplinary sanctions outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, which may include the notification of parents/guardians of alcohol violations involving students who are minors. The Code of Conduct applies to public intoxication and also applies to conduct that occurs within 500 yards of TUJ premises, at TUJ-sponsored activities and to off-campus incidents that adversely affect the TUJ community and/or the pursuit of its objectives.

In addition, TUJ has the following explicit Drinking Policy and Smoking Policy, which apply to all TUJ students.

Drinking Policy

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited at TUJ except in designated smoking areas. In Azabu Hall, the 2nd floor outdoor deck next to the cafeteria is a designated smoking space. In Mita Hall, the 4th floor lounge has been set aside as a smoking area. The outside areas in front of Azabu Hall and Mita Hall are non-smoking areas. As we have received multiple complaints from the building management and neighboring businesses about smokers associated with TUJ, we ask your full cooperation in smoking only in designated areas.