Student Intern Interview: Peter Schwarz

Student Intern Profile

Peter Schwarz
International Business Studies
Internship at:
GE Capital Japan
Summer and Fall 2014

Q1Why did you choose to intern at GE Capital?

Peter I wanted to experience a global corporation and get insights into the financial sector.

Q2 What are some of your projects/responsibilities at the internship?

Peter I have a wide variety of work. I assist the Strategic Sales & Marketing Teams, for instance, with research and analyzing potential customer companies. One of my main projects was to analyze Swiss and German multinational companies in Japan.

Q3What have you learned from the internship?

Peter I learned a lot in terms of analyzing problems, doing efficient research using databases, etc. In addition, I was able to improve my Japanese reading skills.

Q4 What was the biggest challenge you faced during your internship and what did you do to overcome it?

Peter At the beginning of this internship, I struggled with Japanese-related tasks. Even though I am able to communicate fluently in Japanese, reading and writing is my weakness. I overcame this by trying to pick up many finance-related Japanese terms, and I gradually got used to it.

Q5 Please tell us your future goals or your plans after graduation.

Peter I would like to work for an international company like GE.

Q6 How do you envision your internship experience helping you in the future?

Peter It helped me to get insights into an international company in Japan. I feel more confident now about job hunting and my career plans in general here in Japan.

Q7 Would you recommend this internship to other TUJ students?

Peter If you want to experience a professional and international company, GE is the right place – especially if you are interested in finance.

Peter's Daily Schedule

Time Activity
9:30 Arrive at work; go through e-mail
9:45 Do research on several companies
12:30 Lunch with other interns
13:30 Work on my own project on Swiss and German MNCs; work on smaller tasks assigned by the team.
18:00 Finish up

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