2017 Innovative Marketing Award

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Innovative Marketing Award Timeline

Information Session:
Thursday, April 13, 16:00 (Student Parliament Lounge)
Participant Workshops:
Submission Due Date:
June 30
Presentations & Award:
July 7

Are you creative? Think you've got some great marketing ideas? Want a challenge? You can win ¥300,000!

The Foreign Community Supporting Committee (FCSC) is calling TUJ students to develop a marketing plan to improve their fundraising efforts.

For 59 years the FCSC, comprised of international business professionals, has worked to help the YMCA in Japan to support Challenged Children Program (CCP) at more than 200 locations across Japan.

A ¥300,000 prize will be awarded to the team producing and presenting the best marketing idea.

Students and alumni have a unique opportunity to support the near 60-year efforts of an enduring non-profit organization here in Japan.

The competition is open to current TUJ students and alumni only.

2017 Innovative Marketing Award

Innovative Marketing Award (IMA) was created through the cooperation between Dean's office, faculties and the chairperson of the board at TUJ to provide you with an opportunity to enter the marketing competition. It requires collaboration among the team members, challenging opportunities outside of classrooms as well as learning from faculty and/or alumni member who will act as mentors.

The winning team will receive 300,000 yen cash award and the certificate to demonstrate your extra-curriculum activity and recognition.

Please read the following guideline and challenge yourself. I hope to see many quality entries from you.

Bruce Stronach
Dean, Temple University Japan Campus


Sponsoring organization:
Foreign Community Supporting Committee (FCSC)

Marketing Objective:
Develop a new and innovative marketing plan for FCSC to raise funds for challenged children program (CCP: please see more information below)

Plan must include the following elements:

Teams must include:

Evaluation Process:

Evaluation criteria:

About FCSC Challenged Children Program

FCSC was established in 1958, almost 60 years ago, by the New Zealand Ambassador and YMCA North America to support YMCA Japan to contribute to the Japanese society. Today, FCSC's fund-raising effort is supported by the ambassadors to Japan from various countries and the members of the FCSC Board who are mainly international business professionals with the focus to support Challenged Children Program (CCP) that are executed in over 200 locations across Japan.

In order to support children with disabilities, it requires more source and financial support. YMCA's volunteers are dedicated to run the program so FCSC is so committed to continue bringing joy and empowerment to these children.

Our current fund-raising programs include International Charity Run which is conducted in 21 cities across Japan.