Course Registration (Osaka)

Continuing Students

Continuing students (both matriculated and non-matriculated) should follow the "Registration Procedures" described below.

Registration Procedures

1. Decide your course(s)

Course schedules and descriptions are made available on this website three times a year (in April, July and November) for each TUJ Graduate College of Education Center - Tokyo and Osaka. They give a complete description of all the courses scheduled for the coming semester.

Note to Doctoral students: If you are registering for Graduate Independent Study and/or Dissertation Writing courses, you must get an approval from your instructor before registering.

2. Register online

Follow the steps described below.

  1. Submit your registration online.
  2. Your registration will be processed and will be reflected on your Self-Service Banner page on TUportal in approximately one week. Please check your Self-Service Banner registration information to confirm that your course registration has been processed accurately. If you find a problem, please contact us at
  3. Your tuition statement will be sent to your e-mail account after the registration period.
  4. Pay tuition and fees by the date specified on your tuition statement or the Tuition Billing and Payment Schedule.


  • The online registration site is available only during the registration periods.
  • Except for the weekend seminars, you must register for all courses online.


If you have questions about the procedures, please feel free to ask the TUJ Graduate Education Office staff at any time.

Tuition Payment

You are considered enrolled when you pay for the courses you registered for. All tuition and fees should be paid by wire transfer or by credit card by the date specified on your statement or the Tuition Billing and Payment Schedule.

Wire transfers should be done using the student's name and TUID number as they appear on the statement. When transferring money using a bank transfer form, be sure to write your TUID number first, and then your name. Wire transfer charges should be paid separately by transferee. Transfer amount is due in Japanese yen (not U.S. dollars).

Payment Information

Mizuho Bank, Azabu Branch
2-11-6 MinamiAzabu, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan 106-0047
Account Number:
Futsu 8014704

TUJ does NOT accept personal checks or money orders for tuition payments.

Schedule Revision (add/drop)

To add or/and drop the course(s), you must fill out an Add/Drop Form which will be available on the website during add/drop periods. The filled out form must be returned to the Graduate TESOL Office by e-mail/fax or by submitting it at the office in person. Please note that the office must receive the form by the add/drop deadline. It is the student's responsibility to confirm that the office has received any requested changes. Please see the Academic Calendar for the add/drop period.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may "withdraw" from a course on or before the deadline. After the deadline, students may not withdraw from a course. When withdrawing from a course, a "W" will be recorded on the transcript indicating that the student withdrew from the course. Tuition is not refundable. Please see the Academic Calendar for the withdrawal deadline.

Students that withdraw from a course remain financially liable for all associated tuition and fees. If you have only made partial payment (using the Easy Payment Plan), you will need to complete your payment for the course.

Bursar's Office

Please contact the Bursar's Office for any quesitons or concerns about any aspects of your tuition or other fees (