"Matriculated" or "Non-Matriculated"

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At Temple, as at most North American universities, "matriculated students" are those who have submitted formal applications for admission, who have satisfied all the requirements for admission to the graduate school, and who have received notice that they have been admitted to a degree program in the graduate school.

"Non-matriculated students" are those who have not yet been formally admitted to a degree program. They are usually students who are new to a graduate program and who have not yet decided officially to pursue an advanced degree. The non-matriculated status allows a new student to become familiar with the university—the faculty, the other students, and the curriculum—before deciding to pursue a degree.

For New Students

If you wish to start taking courses as a non-matriculated student, new students should submit the New Student Form first. Please follow the procedures described on the New Student Registration page.

If you wish to start taking courses as a matriculated student, please contact the TUJ Graduate Education Office.

Course Registration Periods

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Academic terms begin four times a year — in September (fall semester), January (spring semester), May (summer semester session I), and June (summer semester session II). Course schedules and descriptions will be posted on the website two months before the beginning of each term. The course registration period is posted for each semester. Both matriculated and non-matriculated students can register for courses. Those who are new to TUJ's master's program in TESOL must follow the procedures described here to register with the program first.