Digital Access


TUportal gives registered students a single sign-on gateway to Temple's online services including the Blackboard Course Management System, Self-Service Banner, TUmail, and Main Campus library databases. TUportal also contains:

  • timely announcements from the university
  • lists of useful university-related links (Tuapplications and TUlinks)
  • a customizable section called My Portal that enables you to select from a list of predefined modules, such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and headlines from CNN and The New York Times.

Self-Service Banner (SSB)

You can view all of your past course grades, current registration, financial aid information, and student loan information on SSB (Self-Service Banner). You can access SSB through TUportal.


Blackboard, a web-based platform for managing calendars, course material, and communications, is used throughout the program. Many Temple University faculty use Blackboard to distribute course materials and to conduct a variety of activities. Through Blackboard you can retrieve and submit assignments, contact professors and classmates, participate in discussion groups, and use other features.

Temple University E-mail Account

E-mail is used as an official means of communication within the Temple University community, and the the TUJ Graduate Education Office uses it exclusively as a way to communicate important information to our graduate students. Temple University has the right to send official communications to students via e-mail and the right to expect that those communications will be read in a timely fashion.

All students are required to obtain an e-mail address upon their entrance into the university. All official university e-mail correspondence will be sent to this address. This address will be listed as the official address for each student in the student's records. To view the policy in full, please visit here.

If you do not plan to use this e-mail address, be sure to correctly forward mail that arrives in your Temple account to an e-mail account of your choosing.