All non-Japanese students who intend to take classes in-person in TUJ Tokyo and who do not have a resident, diplomatic, dependent, or spousal visa must acquire a Japanese student visa. Students cannot apply for a Japanese student visa independently of TUJ. TUJ must submit a Certificate of Eligibility application on behalf of all admitted students to the Japanese Immigration Bureau, and you must complete and submit a visa application to your local Japanese embassy or consulate. It is a two-step process.

Student Visa Application Process

  1.  Submit the required documents through Destiny 1  to TUJ by the student visa application deadline.
  2.  TUJ submits the visa application to the Immigration Bureau.
  3.  Immigration will take 6-8 weeks to review the visa application and if approved, a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) will be issued.
  4.  The student takes the COE and passport to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate for final processing, which takes 1-8 days depending on the  embassy or consulate.
  5.  The passport is stamped with the visa and returned to the student. The student may now enter Japan.