Temple University, Japan Campus, conducts the institutional TOEFL (ITP) exams, whose scores can be submitted as an “official test score” for applications to TUJ. Applicants to the Undergraduate or Academic English Program are eligible to take the ITP. You take the test as many times as you like before applying. Your ITP score is only valid for applications to TUJ.

Applicants Wishing to Enroll in AEP Full-time Intensive Program

Your TOEFL score is an indicator of your English competency. Knowing your current TOEFL score also makes it easier to create a plan for after you enter TUJ. We recommend taking the test before applying.

Applicants Wishing to Enter the Bridge Program or Undergraduate Program

An official TOEFL score report is required as part of the application. You can submit an institutional TOEFL (ITP) score as your official TOEFL score report.

Schedule and Application Procedures

Please take the institutional TOEFL (ITP) at either the Tokyo Center (Temple University, Japan Campus) or the Osaka Center (Osaka Center). For details of the test schedule and application, please see the following pages.

Institutional TOEFL (ITP) in Tokyo
Institutional TOEFL (ITP) in Osaka

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