English is the common language throughout Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), where the Academic English Program is held. The campus is an international environment in which students are constantly in contact with English; even outside of classes. Students from around 60 countries and regions worldwide—including the United States and countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa—come here to learn. The environment is truly international, with foreign students making up around two-thirds of the population on campus.

What kind of university is TUJ?

  • TUJ is Japan's only "American university" that offers comprehensive programs in English for degree and non-degree students.
  • TUJ fosters creative/analytical thinking abilities and communication skills through “participatory” education based on the small-class approach.
  • Classes are held entirely in English. Students become “global citizens” who can learn, think and express themselves in English.
  • Fully-developed campus life support services and career support programs

Live in dormitories with students from overseas

Students participating in the AEP program can also live in the same dormitories as foreign students and Japanese students enrolled in the TUJ Undergraduate Program. Spending time with students from overseas after classes will not only improve your English more rapidly but also create special and unique experiences including a deeper level of international exchange. TUJ also provides many opportunities for exchange with foreign students, such as weekend barbecue parties.

*Only during the summer semester (from May). As there are insufficient numbers of dormitories during the fall and spring semesters, students transfer to private student halls and apartments during these times.

International exchange through events and club activities

TUJ hosts a variety of events and club activities throughout the year in which students enrolled in AEP can participate. Students have opportunities to interact with foreign students through language and cultural exchange and through other events and club activities held in English.

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