English Proficiency Level Requirements

The following English proficiency levels are recommended for taking courses in the Continuing Education Program. If you are not sure about your level, please take our free English-placement test.

Basic Beginner (GEC101/102) 350 or below 63 or below 19-20 * 500 or below 5-kyu
High Beginner (GEC201/202) 350-400 63-97 20-32 * 550-600 4-kyu
Lower Intermediate (GEC301/302) 400-450 97-133 32-45 * 600-650 3-kyu
Intermediate (GEC401/402)* 450-475 133-153 45-53 5.5 650-700 2-kyu
High Intermediate (GEC501/502)** 475-500 150-173 53-61 6.0 700-750 2-kyu A
Advanced (GEC601/602) 500 or above 173 or above 61 or above 6.5 or above 750 or above Jun 1-kyu

* Courses in the Focus on Specific Language Skills and English for Specific Purposes categories require Intermediate or above English level proficiency.

** Courses in the Professional Development and Training, Business Management and Communications and Computers and Technology categories require High Intermediate or above English level proficiency.