To provide more flexible learning options, TUJ provides both in-person courses at our campus in Sangenjaya, Tokyo and online courses accessible from anywhere in the world. Please check the course details to confirm whether a course is on-campus or online.

This page provides information on what you can expect from a online course and safety measures in place for on-campus courses.

Online Courses


Online courses are similar to what you may expect from in-person courses. They are live interactive group sessions at a set day and time. Classes are conducted via Zoom and are facilitated by experienced instructors. Participants are given ample in-class time to interact with both the instructor and other learners. Zoom allows for break-out rooms to facilitate group and pair work.

Furthermore, all online courses are supported by an online Learning Management System. Think of it like a mini-website to support your course(s). You can access the material, assignments and discussion boards for your course(s) from any computer. All you need is an internet connection and an updated browser.


What do students think about online courses?

"I was worried about the online aspect, having already completed the course the year before at the old site. All the new features added so much more. What was lost in physical group discussion was gained in weekly feedback and peer reviewing."

"It was my first time to do online course but the administration people in TUJ office in Japan were very attentive and it was relieving to know that there are people who are very helpful when I come across issues etc."

"Online learning is a good opportunity to learn for mothers like me."

"My biggest experience online education. I will continue to attend more in future. Thank you."

"For people like myself who don't live in Tokyo, it was a great opportunity to take classes online. I hope that in the future, even after the pandemic situation cools down, there will be more classes offered online."

"In the first days of online classes, the adaptation was challenging. I got timid and couldn't speak because of my shame. From halfway through the course, I adapted. Now I could retake an online course."

In-Person Courses

Based on recent announcements by the Japanese government, expert recommendations, and a greater understanding of COVID-19, we are announcing that masks will be optional at TUJ effective March 13th, 2023, in all on-campus settings. This includes both indoor and outdoor settings. Please note the following:

  • We continue to request that TUJ community members refrain from coming to campus when feeling sick or experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, influenza, or other illnesses.
  •  If you want to continue wearing a mask for your own peace of mind or because you have personal or medical reasons for doing so, that is fine. No one will ever be asked not to wear a mask. It is important that we all respect masking choices and avoid stigmatizing those who choose to wear masks.
  • One-way masking is highly effective in protecting those who are vulnerable to the virus, such as the elderly and immunocompromised. One-way masking involves wearing a mask when others around you are not wearing masks.
  • By way of background, TUJ’s masking approach has largely mirrored the Japanese government’s guidelines. In May 2022, the government modified its recommendations and stated that masks were optional outdoors and in some indoor settings. We shifted our on-campus approach accordingly. Recently, Prime Minister Kishida announced that Japan will further relax its COVID-19 guidelines  with respect to schools, public transportation, and other activities starting this month (March 2023). Also, Japan will downgrade the legal status of COVID-19 in early May to a level equivalent to influenza

We thank everyone for your continued efforts in keeping our community safe over the past several years. As we make the shift to a mask-optional approach, we appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation.