Who Takes Our Courses?

One of the program's core principles is peer-to-peer learning. Adults learn differently than children, and participants bring a wealth of experience from a wide variety of professional fields and cultural contexts. Continuing education courses offer unique opportunities to learn and build networks with the individuals who join the courses as well as the instructors who facilitate them.

Although we serve a wide range of individuals form students to retirees, those who enroll in our courses are primarily mid-career adults in the 30s and 40s. These individuals work in a variety of professional fields, with some of the most common including finance, IT, marketing and sales, education, and HR and recruiting.


Student Voice

"I highly enjoyed the thought-provoking topics, the presentations, materials class discussions."

– Canadian healthcare professional taking Understanding Japanese Society

"The professor had great insights to share from his years of experience in the field. Very much enjoyed the relaxed discussion style of the course as we got to learn about different industries and organizations."

– Japanese marketing and communications professional taking Writing for the Communications Professional

"The instructor was very fun, engaging, and went at a pace that the entire class was comfortable with. She listened carefully to what we wanted to learn in context to real world applications in Japan and our experiences here and was very patient and repeated exercises when it was necessary. It was truly a wonderful way to begin learning Japanese from scratch."

– American marketing and communications professional taking Useful Japanese Conversation

"The class was fun and I was looking forward to participating every time. There were many opportunities for presentations and I was inspired by other participants."

– Japanese manufacturing professional taking Pronunciation / Rapid Listening Skills