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Unique Learning Environment

At TUJ, the common language is English, and we are one of the only universities in Japan that offer such a wide array of learning opportunities to the local community in English. Diversity is celebrated at TUJ, and Continuing Education proudly offers courses to learners of over 100 different nationalities. With faculty from Japan, the U.S. and elsewhere, Continuing Education courses create a unique learning experience where learners can get an American style education, while developing skills and knowledge applicable both locally and overseas.

Continuing Education prepares students to succeed in and contribute to the community in Tokyo, Japan and beyond. In addition, our instructors are respected industry experts from around the world, and many students are successful professionals from multinational companies, embassies, universities and international schools. Continuing Education courses provide a unique opportunity to study in an international environment, while expanding your professional and social networks.

Located in vibrant Sangen-jaya, between the emerging tech centers of Shibuya and Futako-tamagawa, TUJ boasts a new custom-built campus. TUJ facilities include fully equipped computer labs, modern classrooms, and one of the largest English-language library collections in Japan.


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Exciting Array of Courses

Continuing Education offers a wide array of English-taught courses and programs including:

■ Professional development, such as business administration, finance, marketing, project management, digital technologies, education, law, interpretation and translation and more

■ Practical language acquisition and development in Japanese, English, and world languages

■ Personal interest, including Western and Japanese cultural studies, art, health and wellness, and psychology and social sciences.

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Quality Education and Practical Skills

We focus on practical skills and knowledge that can immediately be put to use.

■ Learn the latest trends: course content focuses current issues and trends in industry, economy, and society.

■ Small class sizes: instructors support each student to deepen their understanding of the course content.

■ Gain practical skills: as an adult education program, we emphasize the development of applicable technical and soft skills.


Documented Knowledge and Training

 Documented Knowledge and Training

Although we are a non-credit/non-degree program, all TUJ Continuing Education courses are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). CEUs are internationally recognized units of continuing professional development and formally document your knowledge and training. They also enrich your resume, demonstrate competitiveness, and count towards TUJ Professional Training Certificate Programs.

Benefits of Enrolling

Enrolling in a TUJ Continuing Education course student provides the following services, benefits and support from the University: