Have you ever dreamed of expressing your thoughts in English as naturally and fluently as a native speaker? Our Advanced English Language Proficiency Certificate is here to make that dream a reality. This elite course refines your skills to near-native fluency, enabling confident and poised communication in diverse contexts. With a core General English class and specialized electives, our program offers a captivating and tailored learning experience.

In the core class, experienced instructors guide you through English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, emphasizing the nuances that distinguish proficient speakers. Sharpen your skills for precise, elegant, and culturally sensitive expression.

Our curated electives focus on Speaking & Listening and Reading & Writing:

Speaking & Listening electives challenge you with thought-provoking debates, simulations, and interviews. Enhance articulation of complex ideas and spontaneous responses. Boost confidence, fluency, and listening comprehension.

Reading & Writing electives immerse you in sophisticated literature and diverse writing styles. Cultivate advanced critical reading skills and receive personalized feedback for compelling written work across genres, from persuasive essays to evocative storytelling.

Join our Continuing Education Program, connecting with ambitious learners worldwide. Experience cultural exchange, networking, and lasting connections.

Upon completion, receive a Professional Training Certificate in Advanced English Language Proficiency. Showcase dedication and enhance your résumé, unlocking new personal and professional opportunities.

Master the English language and transform your life. Enroll in our Advanced English Language Proficiency Certificate today!

Who is this program designed for?

Our Professional Training Certificate in Advanced English Language Proficiency is designed for a wide array of individuals seeking to achieve near-native fluency in English for various personal, academic, or professional purposes. This program is an excellent fit for:

  • Non-native English speakers with high-intermediate proficiency who aspire to perfect their fluency, precision, and confidence in English for seamless communication.
  • Professionals looking to excel in their careers by fine-tuning their English communication skills, preparing for leadership roles in international or multicultural settings, or engaging in high-level negotiations and presentations.
  • Students pursuing advanced degrees or research opportunities in English-speaking countries who require exceptional language proficiency to navigate complex academic discourse, present research findings, or publish articles and papers.
  • Travelers and expatriates desiring to integrate seamlessly into English-speaking environments by mastering advanced speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Language enthusiasts and lifelong learners committed to deepening their cross-cultural understanding and communication abilities through the mastery of an additional language at an advanced level.

Regardless of your background or goals, our Advanced English Language Proficiency program offers a stimulating, supportive, and interactive learning experience tailored to help you excel in your language and personal development endeavors.


12 CEUs (equivalent to 120 contact hours)

Core Courses: 4 CEUs (“Pass With Distinction” required)

General English Course - Advanced (GEC601) 
General English Course - Advanced (GEC602) 

Elective Courses: 8 CEUs (4 CEUs from each category below)

Speaking & Listening: 4 CEUs

Business Meeting Skills (BMS101)  *

Business Presentation Skills (BPS102)  *

Critical Thinking Skills (CTS101)  *

Listening To And Discussing News (LDN101)  *

 The Art Of Persuasion (PSK202)​ 

Public Speaking For Professionals (PSP101)  *

Reading & Writing: 4 CEUs

Business Report And Technical Writing (BWT202) 

Creative Writing: Revealing the Narrative (ICW101) 

Creative Writing: Telling The Story (ICW102) 

Creative Writing: Reporting The Facts: Non-Fiction (ICW103) 

* ("Pass With Distinction" required for Elective Courses)

Note: One CEU is the equivalent of 10 contact hours.

Package Price (Savings Up To ¥32,997)

Certification Path Package (CPP)

Option for Elective Course Requirements: one price for 8 CEUs


Ready to take advantage of a super discount? Just fill out the CPP form!

This program calls for the successful completion of 12 required units of designated course work with a “Pass With Distinction” for the core course and a "Pass" or better for the elective courses.

Understanding Your Course Grades

In Continuing Education, we believe in recognizing the hard work and dedication of our students. Therefore, we have established a grading system that takes into account both your attendance and your performance in course work/assignments. Here's how it works:

Our grading system is divided into two components: Attendance and Course Work/Assignments. Each of these components is graded separately, and the final grade is determined by the combination of these two grades. Here is the breakdown:

Pass With Distinction: This is the highest recognition we offer for course completion. If you achieve a grade of 90% or higher in both attendance and assignments, you will receive a "Pass With Distinction". This grade is a testament to your exceptional commitment to the course and your outstanding academic performance.

Pass: A "Pass" grade is awarded to students who achieve a grade between 70% and 89% in either attendance or assignments. This grade reflects a solid commitment to the course and a commendable level of academic achievement.

No Pass: If a student's grade is less than 70% in either attendance or assignments, they will receive a "No Pass" grade. This indicates that the student may need to revisit the course material or improve their attendance for a better understanding and performance. For core courses, students who receive a "No Pass" should re-register for the course. For electives, students have the option to choose other courses.

Course content is frequently revised to ensure that the program is up-to-date with the latest industry standards. For this reason, the course requirements must be completed within the same three-year period.

Certification Path Package (CPP) Eligibility*: To take advantage of this discounted pricing, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Register for a Professional Training Certificate.
  2. Pay the full CPP price in advance.
  3. Not have completed any of the courses included in the package within the last 3 years. This ensures that students benefit from the most current course content and contribute to a cohesive learning experience within the program.

*CPPs may not be combined with any other discounts or offers.

Note: For the Certificate in Intermediate English Language Proficiency, High-Intermediate English Language Proficiency, and Advanced English Language Proficiency, only courses listed in the Elective Courses section are eligible for the CPP. While other courses not listed may be applied as an elective towards the completion of a Professional Training Certificate (PTC), they are not eligible for inclusion in the CPP.

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