Temple University Japan’s (TUJ) Continuing Education Program has a long tradition of offering one of the most diverse array of learning experiences available in the Tokyo area. We offer students from all walks of life the opportunity to learn new languages, gain professional credentials, prepare for new careers, explore areas of personal interest, and expand their local and global networks. We do this in a unique environment that blends the best of American and Japanese education.

If I had to name a common theme for the program, it would be: growth and development. At every level we are deeply committed to:

  • Helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals

  • Making a positive and lasting contribution to the growth and development of our community

  • Our own growth and development, ensuring that we constantly strive for nothing less than excellence in our faculty, curriculum and facilities.

We partner with some of the leading industry-experts in their fields from around Tokyo and beyond. Our experienced instructors teach with us because of a genuine desire to share with our students the expertise, skills and knowledge they have acquired. It is by working with such excellent instructors that we have been able to have such a positive impact on the lives of so many students over the years.

Whatever your learning goals, you will find that TUJ’s Continuing Education courses, certificates and workshops will help you reach them. Whether you have a laser-like focus on the skills you need for your career, or have a vague sense that you should be investing in yourself, I invite you to come talk to our warm and experienced advising staff to find a course that’s right for you. I am confident that once you take that first step, you will come to share our passion for lifelong learning.


Justin Sanders, Ph.D.

Director, Continuing Education
Temple University, Japan Campus