We are currently in the process of reformatting our Certificate programs. During this process, we are unfortunately unable to accept new applications.
However, students who are already enrolled in a Certificate program will be able to continue but must complete the Certificate requirements by the end of August 2023 [Next Year].
International Business Management

Whether managing trade or investments in countries overseas, transactions with foreign markets can be as complex as the universe. Turn challenges into opportunities by gaining an understanding of how firms operate in an international context.

This certificate aims to provide a framework for understanding that business conducted on the national level differs in critical ways from business on a global scale. Attain a mastery of formulating and implementing strategies that will facilitate successful transactions in the international business setting.


12 CEUs (Two core courses and four electives from below)

Core Courses

 Principles Of Business Management (BUS101) 

 International Business Management (BUS200) 

 International Business Cultures (IBC101) 

Elective Courses

 Managerial Accounting (BMA101) 

 Introduction To Project Management (BPM101) 

 Business Strategy (BST101) 

 Product Management (BUS202) 

 Corporate Communications (COM101) 

 Understanding Economic Issues (ECI101) 

 Organizational Behavior (EOB101) 

 Marketing Principles (MAR101) 

 Preview MBA Series: MBA In 10 Days (MBA200) 

 Business Negotiation (NEG101) 

Special Note on Electives:

Special Note on Business Certificates:

Students who have no previous business background are required to take the introductory business course: Principles of Business Management (BUS101). This will ensure that students are provided with a broad understanding of all major aspects of business. It is recommended that business certificate earners take BUS101 during the early phase of their certificate track. Please note that the course is also open to those who already have a business background but wish to deepen their understanding of business studies further. Those who wish to substitute another course for BUS101 must meet the following criteria:

  1. have at least 3 years of working experience in an administrative or management function; or
  2. have an educational background in a business field.

Please submit the Certificate Program Enrollment Form below if you wish to substitute another course for BUS101.

Exemption requests for BUS101 will be accepted until November 15, 2016. After this date, only substitution requests for BUS101 will be accepted.