We are currently in the process of reformatting our Certificate programs. During this process, we are unfortunately unable to accept new applications.
However, students who are already enrolled in a Certificate program will be able to continue but must complete the Certificate requirements by the end of August 2023 [Next Year].

Explore the exciting field of interior design.

Interior Design

This certificate program is for those who are interested in making use of their imaginative, creative and artistic abilities to enhance the function of a work, play or living space.

  • Understand the importance of good and bad design and its influence on people.
  • Develop skills in architectural drafting and lettering.
  • Learn how to maximize small and large spaces through furniture placement, colors, textiles/fabrics, art and accessories.

You will learn to look at interiors, architecture, and art in a different way!


6 CEUs (All 3 Core Courses)