We are currently in the process of reformatting our Certificate programs. During this process, we are unfortunately unable to accept new applications.
However, students who are already enrolled in a Certificate program will be able to continue but must complete the Certificate requirements by the end of August 2023 [Next Year].
Basic Translation Skills
This certificate program can be completed entirely online.

This certificate program is designed to provide a solid foundation of basic and practical translation skills valuable for freelance translating, working for a translation company, or conducting internal company translation tasks. As the world globalizes, and Japan works more internationally, many companies prefer individuals who can work across a range of languages and translate effectively between them. The core courses in this program provide students with a foundation in basic and intermediate level translations skills, and explore translations in business contexts. The elective courses provide opportunities to develop one’s translation ability in more specialized areas (i.e. law, the sciences, or media). Certificate earners will also have the option of taking elective courses to enhance their capacity in areas related to translation, including interpreting and editing.

Though it is not required to do so, the program is structured so that students can earn the certificate in less than one year.


10 CEUs (At least 3 core courses from below)

Core Courses

 Business Translation Skills (5 Weeks) (BTS101) 

 Translation Skills (JSL401) 

 Intermediate Japanese Translation Skills (JSL501) 

Special Note on Electives: