Notice regarding Spring 2020 semester

The information contained on this page is not relevant for semesters following Fall 2019. Please check back for updated information regarding Spring 2020, or refer to the Japanese version.

In the AEP Full-time Intensive Program, students learn two types of English: "English necessary for entering a university" and "English necessary after entering a university." Our curriculum is characterized by having more class hours for the College Prep Classes because the level of English competency required after entering a university is of an even higher level of complexity than TOEFL.

College Prep Classes

"English to Succeed at a University" Classes: 16 hours/week

Students learn the English necessary for university classes by reading texts, listening to lectures, writing reports and essays (short compositions), participating in group discussions and doing presentations. Through experiences which simulate university classes and lifestyles, students can improve in all of the areas of academic English and study skills necessary for a successful university life.

Reading-Based Writing (RBW)

These courses are designed to help students develop academic writing skills to succeed in the college writing courses. Students learn different forms of writing by responding to a variety of reading materials and improve by writing multiple drafts of essays based on what they have read. Summarizing, using quotations, and making citations are also taught.


These classes include a variety of skills which are necessary in academic English development. The particular focus of these classes may vary by level and semester but can include topics such as reading university textbooks, grammar and writing, and basic oral communication skills.


In these classes, students learn English by studying an academic content area, such as “21st Century Careers,” “Intercultural Communication,” “American Studies” and “Global Issues.” These classes especially build the skills necessary for reading, critical thinking—through written response and discussion, group work, tests, and presentations.

TOEFL Prep Classes

"English to Enter a University" Classes: 9 hours/week

These classes are focused on preparing students for the TOEFL Paper-Based Test (PBT). Each of the classes focuses on one of the three sections of the test, Listening, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading. Moreover, special classes covering speaking and writing strategies are also provided for students who will take the TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test).

TOEFL PBT Listening

In these classes, students focus on Section 1, Listening. They improve their listening skills for both the short and long conversations and for the long talks. The different strategies needed for Parts A, B, and C, and how to improve vocabulary skills for listening are also covered.

TOEFL PBT Structure

Students learn grammar skills for Section 2, Structure and Written Expression, and study the different strategies needed for the two different parts of this section, such as learning how to recognize grammatically correct English and how to identify various grammar errors.


Students concentrate on Section 3, Reading. They improve their reading and vocabulary skills and learn the strategies needed for the different types of questions, such as noticing details, making inferences, catching the main idea, and determining vocabulary meaning.

Example Timetable

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