FAQ about Admissions

Here are questions frequently asked about the admissions to the Academic English Program.

What kind of TOEFL score do I need to enter?

You can enter the Academic English Program regardless of your TOEFL score. You do not need to submit a TOEFL score when applying.

Is it still okay to enter if I’m not confident about my English?

You can start at the level corresponding to your English level. Because each student starts from the level appropriate to his/her level of English competency, students can improve their English abilities more efficiently and effectively.

When can I enter TUJ?

TUJ runs on the American three-semester academic calendar, and students can start from any of the three semesters during the year—May, September and January. In addition, applications are accepted year-round. For details, please see Application Deadlines.

When is the deadline for applications?

Please see Application Deadlines.

What are the entrance qualifications?

Please see Admission Qualifications and Procedures.

What is the placement test for?

The test is used to gauge your current English competency, and therefore your starting level in the program. Ensuring that you start at the level appropriate to your English competency enables you to improve your English abilities efficiently.

When can I take the placement test?

TUJ sends placement test details when sending the admission decision. Please follow the instructions to take the placement test. For details, please see Placement Test.

I want to start my preparations before I graduate from high school; are there any evening classes?

Yes, there are. Please see AEP High School.

What should I do if my TOEFL score is not high enough for the school of my choice?

Because the TOEFL scores required for community colleges tend to be lower than those required by four-year universities, it is possible to start by entering a community college and then transferring to a four-year university after obtaining the required TOEFL score. We recommend selecting your community college and subsequent career path based on the guidance of the Academic English Program’s counselors.

Can I obtain a student commuter pass while I am studying in the Academic English Program (AEP)?

AEP students are not eligible for student commuter passes. Student commuter passes are only offered to students taking credit-bearing courses, which the Academic English Program does not offer. However, students in the Undergraduate Program (including the Bridge Program) are eligible for student commuter passes.