Spring 2024 Applications Open from March 1st

 Spring 2024 Important Dates: January 11 - April 26, 2024

 Application Deadline: October 1, 2023

 Visa Application Deadline: October 15, 2023


International Law Experience Enriches Your J.D. Degree

Why TUJ Law? Temple Law School’s program in Japan offers students a unique opportunity to study in Tokyo for an entire spring semester. It is designed to educate the next generation of lawyers to practice in the global marketplace and to provide them with the opportunity to become familiar with the international practice of law and the legal community. The program provides participants with an opportunity to experience living and studying in an international setting, and to become distinguished in a competitive legal market.


International Internship Experience No Other Programs Can Offer

Take advantage of law-related internship opportunities to gain hands-on experience in international law practice. The law program offers an internship program, and J.D. students may apply for legal or non-legal, or paid or unpaid internship positions. We set up interviews with law firms, corporations, and non-profit or non-governmental organizations. Interning allows students to network with attorneys practicing international law, gain invaluable insight to working in an international setting, and learn how to establish careers in international law.


Cultural Experience to Enhance Your Life

Explore Japan and other countries! Spending a full semester abroad gives you time to explore Tokyo and the rest of Japan. In addition to a challenging academic experience, students participate in many extracurricular activities. Field trips are an integral part of the Law Program and reinforce the international law experience. In past years, the Law Program planned visits and activities to the Supreme Court of Japan, Fuchu Men's Prison, Sumo Wrestling Tournament, local neighborhood tour, and end of semester party.

Program Overview

Attend the only full-time J.D. semester abroad program in Japan accredited by the American Bar Association. Learn international, comparative, and U.S. law from an outstanding faculty composed of globally educated professors and practitioners. Students are immersed in international culture daily as they interact with law students from Japan and around the world, Temple’s faculty, and the legal and business community.


The Requirements.

The law program in Japan is open to 2L - 4E students in good academic and disciplinary standing at an ABA-accredited U.S. law school. About half of our J.D. students typically come from Temple while the remaining half comes from other U.S. law schools.



January 11 - April 26 

  • Mandatory Orientation: Thursday-Friday, January 11-12 
  • Classes begin: Monday, January 15 
  • Spring Break: Monday, March 4 – Saturday, March 9 
  • Classes end: Saturday, April 20 
  • Final Exams: Monday, April 22 – Friday, April 26
  • Class Schedule: M-TH 18:45 - 21:30. Daytime and some Saturday Classes. 

The Curriculum.

The curriculum consists of a mixture of core law classes and specialty courses focusing on international, comparative, and Asian legal studies. The courses offer students a practical and in-depth understanding of the international practice of law and transnational issues, as well as exposure to the cultural underpinnings of Japanese law. In addition, optional non-credit Japanese Language and Cultural Activity Course is offered for students seeking to acquire or improve their Japanese skills while gaining an understanding of Japanese culture and society.

Spring 2024 Tentative Courses

  • Advising Multinational Companies on Global Legal Issues (2 cr.) 
  • East-West Negotiations (3 cr.) (meets skills requirement) 
  • International Compliance Law (3 cr.) 
  • International Contract Drafting (3 cr.) (meets skills requirement) 
  • International Intellectual Property Licensing (3 cr.) 
  • International Entertainment Law (3 cr.) 
  • International Protection of Human Rights (3 cr.) (writing seminar)  
  • Introduction to Japanese Law (3 cr.) 
  • Professional Responsibility (3 cr.) 
  • Trusts & Estates (3 cr.) 
  • Guided Research (2 or 3 cr.) (meets writing or research requirement) 

The Budget.

Financial needs will vary depending on the student’s spending habits. The projected budget is designed to permit students to obtain a financial aid package they might reasonably need while studying in Tokyo.

Estimated Total Cost: $24,162

  • Tuition:  $12,938 (for 9-15 credits)
  • Student Activities Fee:  $336
  • Estimated Personal Expenses:  $10,888


Please note that the regular tuition and student activities fee for Spring 2024 are subject to change pending final budget approval by Temple University.

Item Cost
Housing and Utilities $4,138
Food / Personal Expenses $4,138
Airfare $1,400
Books and Supplies $900
Daily Commuting $276
Japanese National Health Insurance (Mandatory) $36
Total $10,888

Optional Japanese language course costs $300.


The Housing.

Temple University, Japan Campus will provide, during the fall semester before departing to Japan, information on how to search for housing including a list of English-speaking housing services. However, it does not provide student housing for law students.

In the past, students have found their own housing fairly easily before arriving in Japan (or after arriving) through such housing services. For students who stay in Japan less than one year, a monthly-based furnished apartment or a share house will be the most convenient housing option.


The Campus.

Global Campus. Global Future. Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) and Showa Women’s University (SWU) share a campus at SWU’s location in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. On August 14, 2019, TUJ officially moved its operations to a new six-story building on SWU’s campus. 

Read more about the new campus.

How to Apply

Expand your life and legal career path by applying now. Applicants must have completed their first year of full-time legal studies or the equivalent and be in good academic and disciplinary standing at an ABA-accredited U.S. law school. Admissions are made on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to apply early. Applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A resume
  3. An official law school transcript sealed in an envelope issued by the applicant’s law school. (Temple students exempted.)
  4. A letter from the applicant's law school indicating the applicant's academic and disciplinary good standing. (Temple students exempted.)
  5. A $50 non-refundable application fee. (Temple students exempted.)
  6. Student visa application materials (Temple Law Japan program will provide instructions and documents)

Contact Information


Beasley School of Law
Temple University, Japan Campus

1-14-29 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0004

Tel: +81-3-5441-9841
Hours: Monday - Friday 11:00-19:30
(Japan Standard Time)