Why Students Choose Us

Unique Learning Environment

At Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), the common language is English. Since its founding, students from over 120 countries have learned here at TUJ using English to interact with one another across their diverse cultures. They also employ English to improve their skills and knowledge while taking the same courses offered at U.S. universities.

In addition, TUJ students meet senior-ranked individuals from multinational companies and organizations, embassies, and international schools. It's a great way to learn while expanding your professional and social connections.

Exciting Array of Courses

We offer a wide array of language courses and professional programs in art, business, law, education, information technology, and communications to help you meet your aspirations and enhance your career. Our courses can serve as "stepping-stones" to your dreams and goals. Many students take our English-language courses before "stepping" into our professional courses, while others take classes to "step" into our graduate programs.

We offer around 300 courses and short-term business seminars to help you "step" closer to your goal.

Quality Education and Practical Skills

Learn basic skills and the latest trends from experts who hold licenses and professional degrees in their fields. TUJ instructors are eager to share the tips and tricks of their trades and occasionally invite distinguished guest speakers to present their views. Class sizes are small (usually around 15 students), so students receive personal attention and can engage in thought-provoking and stimulating discussions.

We provide you with practical skills and knowledge that can immediately be put to use.

Documented Knowledge and Training

Statement of Grade Reports and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are given at the end of the term. Although CEUs cannot be applied to earning an academic degree, they are professionally recognized and formally document your knowledge and training. They also enrich your resume, demonstrate competitiveness, and can be accumulated to earn TUJ certificates in business, law, IT, education, fine arts, and other areas.

American-Style Learning Resources and Support Services

Take advantage of the resources of a top-quality American university. TUJ's learning facilities include fully equipped computer labs, modern classrooms, one of the best English-language library collections in Japan, and international academic databases.

Our Teaching & Learning Center offers one-on-one guidance on a myriad of subjects. In addition, TUJ students have access to special lectures and events featuring distinguished speakers from around the world.