Build Professional Momentum

Designed for recent college graduates from all backgrounds, the one-year Master in Management (MiM) in Tokyo delivers a comprehensive introduction to the world of business. Develop knowledge and experience around business concepts, data analysis, financial and accounting principles, and organizational ethics.  You have the opportunity to conclude the program with built-in time to pursue an internship.

One-year completion pathway

One-year completion pathway

In this 30-credit master’s program, you will build on the critical thinking and analytical skills developed during undergraduate studies and increase your career marketability with essential business skills. The Master in Management (MiM) is a full-time program with classes offered in the evening on Monday-Thursday from 6-9 pm, providing participants maximum flexibility. 

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Turn Your Passion into a Career

You can work toward turning your passion into a career in just one year. No matter what your undergraduate major was, whether it was neuroscience or English, you have the chance to stand out in the highly competitive job market .

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Internship in Tokyo

A two-month internship in Tokyo will enable you to apply knowledge outside the classroom. Students conclude the MiM program with a Capstone Experience: Internship or a Capstone Project that entails working with actual clients or industry experts to solve real-world problems. Use your network to source your own internship or choose from TUJ's extensive corporate partners.


Professional Relationships

Tokyo is your classroom. Develop life-long professional relationships with a diverse mix of international students. The program offers small class size, team projects and opportunities to get to know professors one-on-one. Enhance your network with guest speakers and off campus events. Ongoing access to career development counselors. 


Worldwide Recognition

Accredited by AACSB International—Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business —the Temple University Fox School of Business offers BBA, MBA, Specialized Masters (MS, MAcc, MiM) PhD and Executive DBA programs on campuses in Philadelphia, in Tokyo and around the world. 

AACSB-accredited schools have the highest-caliber instructors, and offer leading-edge courses and programs that businesses look for when hiring the leaders they need today—and tomorrow. Temple has maintained AACSB accreditation since 1934.

Message from the Master in Management Program Office

From block chain to cloud computing, business models are changing rapidly. Gain the business acumen you need for success in the global job market with the Master in Management (MiM) program at the Japan campus of Temple University. 

Delivered all in English in the heart of Tokyo with students and faculty from around the globe, this program is a unique opportunity to supplement your undergraduate degree with essential business skills.

Temple University, Japan Campus brings aspiring professionals together with business executives and seasoned faculty. Students will develop their knowledge of and gain experience in accounting, administration, data analysis, finance, information technology and people management.

The MiM degree increases career marketability as students learn to

  • communicate effectively in international business environments;
  • utilize financial and accounting principles to aid decision-making;
  • use data to analyze and solve business problems;
  • understand the ethical and social responsibilities of individuals and organizations.

Contact us to learn more and find out if the program is right for you. 
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William J. Swinton
Assistant Dean, International Business

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Eriko Kawaguchi
MiM Program Development Coordinator