Is the MiM for you?

Designed for recent college graduates from all backgrounds, the one-year Master in Management (MiM) in Tokyo delivers a comprehensive introduction to the world of business. Develop knowledge and experience around business concepts, data analysis, financial and accounting principles, and organizational ethics. You have the opportunity to conclude the program with built-in time to pursue an internship.


The MiM program is taught with cohort-based courses. Starting once per year, in August, students progress through all courses together, supporting each other, and getting to know one another all while fostering life-long friendships. In this learner centered environment, TUJ professors create a space for students to learn, explore ideas, and support each other. Cohorted programs leverage the diversity and community of the participants, garnering a deep rooted network.

Student Spotlight

Marino Ozkaya, USA, MiM ‘23

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"The best part about the program is the cohort system. In the cohort system, the same people who start in the program finish the program together. We all take the same classes and because of this you are able to really grow with people the whole time you are in the program, form bonds with them, and hopefully, make friends that will last for a lifetime."


Graduation from this program requires 30 credits hours, including a Capstone internship/project. The MiM can be completed in one year (three semesters).

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