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Kyoko Yamamura


Aiming to qualify for a U.S. Bar Exam and to enhance my knowledge of U.S. laws and regulations, I started taking courses at TUJ. I was attracted to TUJ because I could learn at TUJ while working full-time as most courses were offered in the evening, after work.

Most courses I took at TUJ covered bar exam subjects. I truly appreciate the TUJ professors for their kind guidance — they were very enthusiastic and introduced a lot of cases in a way that stimulated our interest. Because I was working full-time, it was not easy to prepare for each lecture, but the fact that the professors made lectures so interesting encouraged me to be fully prepared. In addition, it was a unique opportunity to make friends with people from different backgrounds and professions, each of whom brought various opinions and interpretations of laws and cases for discussion in class.

With the help of professors, staff and friends at TUJ, I finally passed the Washington D.C. Bar Exam. I am very thankful to have had them as my supporters.

I am currently working in the legal department of a financial institution in Luxembourg. Even in European financial institutions, being familiar with U.S. laws is often considered an advantage as European institutions must also comply to some extent with U.S. laws. So what I learned and the network I have built through my study at TUJ are indeed assets in my life.


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