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Course Schedules

Summer 2022 courses run from May 16 to August 6. For further information as to courses or scheduling, please contact us.

Course Title Credits Instructor Day/Time Start Date Room
Civil Procedure 3 Tina Saunders Tuesday, 18:45-21:30 May. 17 TBA
Legal Research and Writing  3 Mason Hester Wednesday, 18:45-21:30 May. 18 TBA
Family Law 3 Marcus Kosins Thursday, 18:45-21:30 May. 19 TBA
Guided Research 2 or 3 Tina Saunders      


  • The schedule is subject to change.

Course Descriptions

This tentative course schedule is subject to change.

Civil Procedure (3 credits)

Tina Saunders, Director and Associate Professor of Instruction in Law, Temple Law School, Japan Campus

Tina Saunders

Civil Procedure concerns the rules and principles governing civil actions in state and federal court. This course will address the fundamental issues of court jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter of a dispute; and the related issues of venue, conflict of laws, and the applicable body of law applied to disputes. Additional issues which will be covered include: notice and pleading requirements, joinder of additional parties/claims, obtaining evidence by discovery, and the preclusive effect of decisions. The course will focus primarily on the federal courts and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

This subject is tested on many U.S. Bar Examinations.

Legal Research and Writing (3 credits)

Mason Hester, Adjunct Professor of Law

Mason Hester

This course explores legal research, writing, and advocacy. After being introduced to the U.S. legal system and basic research techniques (including on-line databases such as LexisNexis), students work on assigned problems to develop their writing and analytical skills. The program aims to develop basic legal research and writing skills in an informal, hands-on seminar atmosphere.

This course is required of all LL.M. in U.S. Law Candidates.

Family Law (3 credits)

Marcus Kosins, Managing Partner, Kosins International Law Office

Marcus Kosins

In this course, we will consider the role of the family and its connection with the legal system, focusing primarily on the law government the behavior of adults in families including the formation of marriage and other intimate partnerships and the legal regulation of ongoing relationships. This course will examine dissolution of marriage, spousal support, and the rights and duties between an adult and child, including parenting time and child support. In addition, we will cover California Community Property issues likely to be raised on the California bar examination.

These substantive areas of family law are issues of procedure, jurisdiction and lawyering. Therefore, how courts deal with marriages, divorces, support and custody arrangements in other jurisdictions is considered, where “other jurisdictions” means both states, such as New York, and countries, such as Japan.

This subject is tested on many U.S. Bar Examinations.

Guided Research (2 or 3 credits)

Tina Saunders, Director and Associate Professor of Instruction in Law, Temple Law School, Japan Campus

Tina Saunders

This independent research offers students an opportunity to (1) satisfy the graduation advanced writing and research requirement; (2) develop research, writing and analytical abilities through producing a single substantive research paper; and (3) work with a faculty member in an area of the teacher's interest or expertise. Students have a Faculty member agree to supervise them and must submit a signed Approval form to the Registrar to request participation.

This course has limited enrollment.

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