We are currently in the process of reformatting our Certificate programs. During this process, we are unfortunately unable to accept new applications.
However, students who are already enrolled in a Certificate program will be able to continue but must complete the Certificate requirements by the end of August 2023 [Next Year].
Teaching English to Japanese Learners

This certificate program is designed for anyone who currently teaches English or plans to do so. You will learn the most effective language teaching practices, the latest theories about language learning, and the most accurate ways to gauge language ability. You will also boost your confidence in using English in the classroom and open a clear path to advanced TESOL study.

Non-native English speakers will be required a score of at least 750 on the TOEIC test, 500 on TOEFL, an IELTS score of 7.0 or above, or 61 on the iBT.


12.6 CEUs (Three core courses) from the courses below

Core Courses

 Effective Language Teaching (TEJL-1) 

 Teaching Vocabulary And Reading (TEJL-3) 

 Language Course Design And Assessment (TEJL-4) 

 Teaching Young Learners (TEJL-8)