We are currently in the process of reformatting our Certificate programs. During this process, we are unfortunately unable to accept new applications.
However, students who are already enrolled in a Certificate program will be able to continue but must complete the Certificate requirements by the end of August 2023 [Next Year].
Leadership Skills

When you hear the word leader, what often comes to mind are images of great political leaders who have a dream or a vision, one who clearly sees what's right and wrong, who has the ability to move people to effect some change. We are constantly amazed at what this person has accomplished, rarely thinking of ourselves as someone who can do great things. Yet in our daily lives, we are confronted with situations that can be improved, issues that need to be resolved, and people that can be uplifted or encouraged. Often we let the opportunity for change go by.

This certificate program aims to awaken and develop the leader in each of us so that we may become agents of change for the betterment of our workplace and our communities. It aims to teach participants how to lead and inspire, effectively communicate with and empower people, and become better at decision-making and solving problems. This program encourages certificate earners to be innovative, creative, positive and effective leaders in their organizations and communities. The skills and knowledge gained from earning this certificate are powerful tools that are highly portable.


10 CEUs (Three core courses and electives with a combination of seminars and workshops)

Core Courses

 Effective Leadership Skills (ELS101) 

 Leading & Managing Change (LMC101) 

Special Note on Electives: