Certificate in Branding and Communications

Are you in or planning to enter the communications field? This certificate program provides a solid underpinning in the theory and practice of branding, including the communications strategies typically used to build a brand. In addition, you will learn about media relations, lobbying, cross-cultural branding and advertising strategies, the use of the Internet, and writing for branding and communications. Upon completion of this certificate program, you will know how to use various communications strategies and techniques to create and promote powerful brands for products and services, companies, social issues, and others.

Certificate Options:

For those that wish to focus their Branding and Communications skills in a specific field, we offer two path specific variations on the standard certificate described.

1. Creative Path Certificate

Three core courses and any three electives from the Computer Graphics, Publishing, and Web Design.

2. Professional Path Certificate

Three core courses and any three electives from the Branding and Communications, Marketing and Sales and Strategic Internet Communications.


12 CEUs (Three core courses and three electives from below)

Core Courses

Elective Courses

Please note that the following course(s) are still applicable to the Branding and Communications Certificate: MER101. Previously listed courses retain their original core or elective status, and should be applied for as such on the Certificate Request Form.

Note: Courses with the same course number suffixed with a dash and semester/course code are identical. (E.g. REI102-FA and REI102-SP, and IBP101 and IBP101-S are identical.) More than one of these courses may not be used toward a certificate.