Certificate in Marketing and Communications

This certificate program provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of marketing and communications, with an emphasis on integrating communications activities. The core courses introduce the fundamental principles of marketing, integrated marketing principles and digital strategies. From that foundation, students may explore a range of marketing activities and considerations, including branding, advertising, public relations, and market research. While the individual courses dive deep into particular aspects of marketing, they are grounded in the reality that in the 21st century no individual or organization can successfully build a strong brand without integrating activities and messages across channels and mediums. Completion of this certificate provides a strong grounding in the various communications strategies and techniques used globally to create and promote powerful brands, however many of the case studies and practical examples explored through the courses are taken from the Japanese context. This makes the certificate ideal for those wanting to apply global best practice locally in Japan, as well as those considering marketing activity abroad. Though it is not required to do so, the program is structured so that students can earn the certificate in less than one year.

Note: Courses with the same course number suffixed with a dash and semester/course code are identical. (E.g. REI102-FA and REI102-SP, and IBP101 and IBP101-S are identical.) More than one of these courses may not be used toward a certificate.