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Temple Made in Tokyo video

"Temple Made in Tokyo" Video

September 21, 2016

See what it's like to be a student at TUJ in a video on YouTube.

Student Interview Image

Student Interview Video

September 14, 2016

Student Interview: Flexibility, Diversity, and Broadened Perspectives

Internships: Learning to Take Responsibility for Your Actions

August 24, 2016

Student Intern Interview: Aiko Shigeta at Refugees International Japan & IBM Japan

Information Session

October 16, 2016

Come and learn about the many unique benefits of studying at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ).

One Day Class Observation

October 26, 2016

Spend a day at TUJ. Observe classes at an American University.

Student Internship Interviews

Updated in August 2016

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What Students Say about TUJ

"Spending my university life in Tokyo presented me with unimaginable opportunities."

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Stuart Busby

American / International Business Major

"TUJ has become a step to reach my dream career, and I am looking forward to my education here."

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Valerie Holland

American / Japanese Major

"Coming to Tokyo was scary and exciting ... people at TUJ are friendly and eager to help."

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Marie-Claire Bagazonzya

Ugandan / International Affairs Major

Summer Semester at TUJ

What better time to be in Japan than summer? Summer at TUJ offers a range of undergraduate classes along with topical courses focusing on contemporary Japan, some of which are not available during fall or spring semesters. Read more

Tweets from Students @TUJDays

@TUJDays is a twitter feed that offers an inside scoop on all aspects of TUJ life from the perspective of current students. Read more